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How to Start from Nothing in New Economy - Cardone Zone

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How to Start from Nothing in New Economy - Cardone Zone


Cardone Zone The Rules Have Changed Guys wins 400m at the lottery Grand nheft Auto 5 takes in more than 800m in 1 day Stock Market hits all time high Housing prices are recovering

The rich and wealthy get Richer and wealthier 128m People are on goA assistance 49% of Americans receMng welfare assistance Food stamp usage rising as families struggle to put food on the table OPINION nhis recovery will not beneht the middle Class

It will not benefit anyome that plays by the old rules This economic recovery will further penalize anyone that does not change their operating basis and start making the moves required by this new economy THE RULES HAVE CHANGES Middle class is getting crushed because it is using middle class rules that no longer work

Find a good job

Make a decent income

Save Buy a house

Get an education

Invest for the long term

The middle Class Rules are a myth

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