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Before You Quit Your Job - Robert T. Kiyosaki Audio Book

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Before You Quit Your Job - Robert T. Kiyosaki Audio Book


am amazed yet not surprised by the range of reviews. This is absolutely Robert's best book ever. I totally appreciated Sharon's input as she is a straight "A" student like me and I can identify with her intelligence. However I can also identify with Roberts academic weakness because I studied a highlly skilles E/S profession not Business so as far as business is concerned, I'm as dumb as he was in the beginning.

I have read Roberts first 3 books, listened to most of his CD's, Studied his Choose to be rich program and am presently enrolled in Coaching. Every time he starts any teaching he covers the basics so if you never read one of his other books you get an introduction to the concepts. Since the books each build on the other he refers you to the others for further details on some concepts. People like me who are serious about making the transition from employee and self employed to business owner and investor hungrily soak up every word out of Roberts mouth. I noticed that most negative reviewers admit to skimming over the book or just listening to the abridged CD. You missed the meat. I'm sorry for you. It's sad to see someone fight so hard for the right to stay the same.

I too find Robert repetitive at times but I use the opportunity to remind myself of old lessons and prepare myself for the new lesson to come. This new lesson usually stands on the foundation of the previous lesson hence why he must repeat it at least briefly.

On my own personal journey to Business owner and Investor I have found Robert's guidance on changing who you ARE and finding the WHY for your change before working on the HOW-TO PRICELESS!! People who want a GRQ (get rich quick) will never like Robert. They should stop buying his books and go elsewhere.

If you really want to make the change don't just read, STUDY. I don't know if you will ever find this dept of insight into what the change really costs anywhere else. Almost Every other writer wants you to think they are great and that is why they are successful. Robert is brutally honest. This is what we need.

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