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How To Open & Close a Speech with Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp

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How To Open & Close a Speech with Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp


Executive speech coach Patricia Fripp shows how to open and close a speech using the circular technique.

Example from a speech at The American Cemetery Association using her brother, Robert Fripp and her experiences about losing their mother. Composer and singer Ken Medema performed a song that reflected Fripp's speech. Ken composed and performed this piece immediately.

A perfect way to open and close you presentation is by using the circular technique. You open and close with the same words, philosophy or emotion.

In 1996 I gave a well-received presentation to the American Cemetery Association. My opening story was my experience when my mother died. The audience was not aware until the last line that my mother was dead. And don't worry, it was a very happy story, my mother had a very wonderful life, she lived long enough to see both her children successful. And as her wishes, everyone in the church was wearing bright colored dress. She was dressed in a bright red and blue outfit with red stockings and red high heeled shoes.

At the end of my presentation, I said: in my opening you heard my experience of when my mother died. Let me finish with my brother's experience that he wrote in the liner notes of his CD "A blessing of tears"

Fripp jingle by Al McCree. Video created by Chesney Communications.
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