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Guided Weight Loss Meditation by Jon Gabriel

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Guided Weight Loss Meditation by Jon Gabriel


Jon Gabriel teaches that losing weight easily and naturally can be achieved without dieting, but by working with your body's natural genetic programming, rather than against it. The trick is to get your body to want to be thin, by switching your body from "get fat" mode to "get thin" mode so that you become a naturally thin person—eating whatever you want and enjoying yourself while getting thin and staying thin. This track will introduce you to Jon's concept and explain how meditation and weight loss are strongly linked.


People who've used The Gabriel Method and the Gabriel Code Body Transformation Journey notice profound changes within a few short weeks. They stop being hungry all the time, they feel more energetic and enthusiastic, and they stop struggling with cravings and self-doubt. Even exercise becomes something to look forward to, not dread. The weight loss itself is not instant as healthy weight loss never is, but by changing your relationship with food and your body, you are able to achieve profound, and enjoyable weight loss with no pain or struggle.


If you're unhappy with your body and your weight and have tried doing something about it but are tired of starving, exhausting and disappointing yourself with results that are not permanent, little results or no results at all—you owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to enjoy life, eat what you like, exercise moderately instead of torturously... and be slim and healthy.


Jon Gabriel is the international bestseller of The Gabriel Method and the Gabriel Code, in which he teaches people all over the world to switch off their "fat triggers" and lose weight without dieting or a strict exercise regime. He lost 225 pounds in 2.5 years and went from 409 pounds to 183 pounds without diets, surgery and having the typical excess skin associated with massive weight loss.

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