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4 Steps to Start You On the Road to Easy Weight Loss

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4 Steps to Start You On the Road to Easy Weight Loss


Ever seen weight loss as a struggle? You might be carrying around more than just extra pounds.

What's really keeping you from losing weight?

When I met today's guest, Kathy, I noticed a habit I've seen in women everywhere who are uncomfortable about their size:

She consistently apologized and joked about her weight.

To all of you who do that, I want to say, Stop! It's not okay. Your body wants to be loved. And you can't support your body in feeling loved when you shame yourself with jokes and apologies.

Yes, you need to exercise and eat well. But first, you need to get rid of any shameful illusions you believe about yourself. Those illusions make it impossible for your body to lose weight.

Join Kathy and me in this easy exercise and let go of the story you've been telling yourself for too long. Here's a brief summary of the exercise. Watch the video to see how these four steps can be so powerful in helping you let go of unwanted pounds. Close your eyes and see the childhood version of yourself. Take that child out of the setting where she was shut down or belittled. Create a special place for her to exist safely as her true self. Tell her that you insist now that she live her life completely free, exactly the way she is. Bring in angels to honor and mentor her, reminding her that her true self is safe.

Repeat the affirmations and intentions that help you feel safe to be yourself. Write them down and use them daily.

What was that exercise like for you? Did you feel a shift in your perception of yourself? Have you been focusing on secondary issues—like Kathy focused on carbs—instead of the core issue that hangs onto that extra weight?

Please share a comment, telling me what surfaced in your memory and your feelings.

You are powerful and I am excited for you to embrace that power to create the amazing body and life you want. I can help you open up what's blocked in your life so you can receive and honor your true self. Visit to access an entire library of video and audio sessions like this to help you.

Just as Kathy's judgment of her true nature affected her weight, your beliefs about your own nature can affect your body. If you don't know your Energy Type yet, find out with my Energy Profiling Bundle. Embrace your true nature and live your best life!

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