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How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life book

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How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life book


There are many reasons you might begin this book but the only reason to finish it is to learn how to protect yourself and your family from violence. It’s not just about a few techniques to ward off a local thug Its about tilting the playing field completely in your favor, making sure if your ever in a hostile situation, you walk away with your life.

To do that requires an understanding of principles, an education in the facts of violence Others give you techniques for specific situations. Finish this book and youll understand wthy thats a recipe for disaster. Most people stumble into martial arts or combat sports never really considering why. Each trains you for competition in a sale environment, with rules and supervision agreed in advance. Both give you effective tactics for fighting, and are great for conditioning.

But if sport fighting is your thing. This book will say nothing to you Its total locus is real violence, the kind everyone wants to avoid lVs about dealing with life or-death threats where no rules exist And that’s completely different than sport fighting.

And there lies the difference. This book addresses that place where social communication ends and real wlence begins, the point where you have no control, and there’s no one to help Ws the situations we all pretend doesn’t exist... even though we all know they do.

The real question is face-to-face with life-or-death violence; can you defend yourself and your family? Because in that moment, nothing else matters.

To learn the answer, read this book. You may not like what the authors have to say but by the end you’ll see the truth that there’s only one guaranteed way for anyone to walk away from a hostile situation alive. lVs not pretty but once you understand it’ll change your life forever.


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