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Home Pregnancy Massage - How to Reduce & Relieve Back Pains Using Massages

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Home Pregnancy Massage - How to Reduce & Relieve Back Pains Using Massages

12-17 This professional massage video shows the easiest and safest way to help women overcome back aches and pains. This is a very common ailment in pregnancy, due to the added abdominal weight which causes stress in the lower back. In this video, Heather Maynard guides you through several simple steps to help alleviate this common discomfort easily and safely.

Heather and Alicia are the co-authors of Home Pregnancy Massage and for years have researched, developed and perfected the safest techniques which can be used even at home and can be done by themselves. These massage techniques will help to lessen the pains and discomforts, making a pregnancy all the more magical.

Heather is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Alicia is known for her work in the various areas of pregnancy, helping thousands of women annually.

For more videos which will help nurture women throughout the entire pregnancy cycle, visit us at


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