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Cancer: Step Outside the Box with Ty Bollinger

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Cancer: Step Outside the Box with Ty Bollinger


Humans constantly produce cancer cells, which are quickly destroyed by healthy immune systems Although many people do not realize it, cancer is a normal part of a healthy body This normal process can get out of control, and cancer cells grow into dangerous tumors If an immune system does not destroy these cells, it can spell doom for the victim
cancers are responsible for 25 percent of all deaths in the United States Of these, three of every ten cases is irom lung cancer
Billions of dollars are spent every year treating the diseases, making it one of the largest of all branches of medical care
Some critics charge the healthcare industry has the wrong idea about care Many caretakers are looking at strengthening immune systems to reduce the rates of large cancers This healthcare mindset is centered on prevention, encouraging the body to treat itself naturally.
Ty Bollinger is the author of “Cancer — Step Outside the Box” His work looks at the root causes of cancer, and what can be done to prevent malignant cells from turning dangerous.
Bollinger is our guest on the show today we will talk about the nature of cancer, and what turns this process into a potentially life-threatening experience well also discuss what people can do to avoid becoming a victim.


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