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How to Apply a Facial Mask

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How to Apply a Facial Mask

12-17 This video is about how to apply a Facial Mask This video is a clip from our Facial Beauty Training DVDs which is only one subject of six in set of online beauty courses.

The great thing with facials is that once you have completed your basic training, most skin care companies will provide you with on-going training in their products and/or equipment, and facial routines at either no charge or a very minimal fee. You can go on learning forever. In-house training sessions with product distributors is also a great way to learn about products and which products you will prefer to use.

Although new products and techniques are coming out almost every day, the basics of this course will remain stable. You will always need to know how to analyse the skin, how to do a cleansing massage, extract impurities, facial massage techniques and apply masks, peels and treatment creams. This course will take you step by step through each technique you will need to put together anything from the most basic to the most professional facial treatment.

Both manicure and pedicure are very easy to learn and the beauty of these services is that they use very little product, so once you are set up it is almost pure profit.

Once you have mastered the techniques you are set to go. These in-depth instructional DVDs will take you step by step through all the practical procedures you will need to know to perform a professional Facial

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