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Work at Get Self-Development

Work at Get Self-Development

Are you interested in working for an organization that has the vision to help and change the lives of many others?

Do you like to work together in a Positive and High Performance Culture, then contact us!
Get Self-Development is in the startup phase which means that there are many Amazing Opportunities working at this company!

What Working for Get Self-Development Makes So Unique!

When you Become a Team Member of Get Self-Development you’ll be working Together with a Team of people from all over the world and Help us Grow and Improve our Qualities so we can Offer the best Services to all our Visitors, Members and Experts.

Because our Vision is to also actively Contribute to the world we created a Get Gratitude Charity program that you will also work on part of the time.

If you are One of our Marketing Experts, From the Support Team, or even a Web Designer. As soon as we have a stable working enverionment, You’ll get in Contact with one of our Charities and get to Offer your Expertise to help the charities Grow and become Successful while still being Paid by Get Self-Development.  


Our current job offerings:

Our current job offerings are now very flexible and If you Believe you are a TOP PERFORMER that can be of high value for us and make a Real Difference, send your resume and cover letter to
Please indicate which position you are applying for in the subject line.

We are currently looking for:

Moderators (Unpaid).

We are looking for experienced moderators for one of our 6 different main categories. Become a Valued Team Member and a Get Self-Development Insider. Tell us about Yourself and what your Favorite Category is. Why do you like the Specific category and why do you think you will be AMAZING doing the moderating tasks? Give us an Impression why you are the STAR team member that we are Looking for.

Website / Content Administrator.

We are looking for an experienced website administrator who has an Eye for Quality. With a Team of Others you’ll be Searching for Great and High Quality Content to put on our homepage. Tell us what your experience is, and provide us with some Examples. Tell us why you Like self-development materials and how it has Helped you. Don’t apply for this job if you haven’t got at least 5 years of experience working with websites. Tell us where you Can be of Assistance to CONVINCE us that you are that STAR team member we NEED.

Web Designer.

We are looking for a creative spirit that is Awesome in Creating high quality Pictures and desigsn that will make the Get Self-Development website ROCK! You need to be a STAR at creating beautiful Banners and be an Expert in Design. We have Many Projects yet to Come where your Creativity can be of great Assistance. Tell us why you think you’ll Rock working with us and Provide us with Samples of your OWN Work and some of the website Designs you Like the most.
Tell us which Software programs you Like to work with and Why and maybe you can be part of the Get Self-Development Team.

Web Developer.

We are looking for a Technical Savvy Team Member that knows ALL about html5 coding. At Get Self-Development you’ll be Challenged to the MAX so high skills are requisite. There are many projects that need to be Done and there will Probably be work for More than One person so you need to be able to work in a Team. Tell us more about your Expertise and what Programming Languages you KNOW and you just might be part of a Creative, Positive and High Performance Team.

Marketing Experts.

Marketing is very essential at Get Self-Development. We will be Offering Marketing Services to our members and also use our own Marketing Expertise to grow even further.You’ll be part of a Team of Marketers that will help Get Self-Development Grow, Help its Member Experts Increase Sales and Help Charity become more Successful. Tell us why you Like to take this challenge and Become part of the Get Self-Development team. Why do You think you are a Marketing Expert and Provide us with some Samples of your work. What’s your expertise in marketing and where do you think YOU can Help US the most.

Advertising Experts.

Advertising we be a Big part of our Website. You’ll get in Contact with Experts that want to Advertise on our website and you’ll also be making New Partnerships to generate high quality traffic to our own website. You NEED to have experience in this field and KNOW all about Pricing. Tell us why you think you will be the STAR Team Member that will Generate us more Traffic and Close great deals with New self-development experts.

Support Team Leader.

Do you like to Help and Support and also Structure and Support a Team of Support Team Members? We are looking for Someone who can Start from Scratch and Setup an amazing Supporting System that we can offer the visitors of Get Self-Development. Are you experienced and do you know exactly what it takes to Setup the Best Support Possible then contact us.   ·    

Virtual Assistance / Team Manager.

Do you like to Make Schedules, Setup Meetings, Making Notes and Reports to HELP the Get Self-Development Team become even more effective? Get Self-Development has Many Goals that we want to Achieve. The whole team needs to be up to date and it’s your responsibility to be part of the team to get the Communication Crystal Clear. Do you think you can help us and give the Get Self-Development team more structure?
Tell us where you think you can help, Tell us about your expertise’s and why you will be a Perfect Match for Get Self-Development