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Get Self-Development - Vision

Get Self-Development - Vision

Do You Want To Share And Become Part Of The Same Vision?

If you are not familiar with Get Self-Development we suggest you first to read our About Get Self-Development article. This will give you a general idea of what Get Self-Development is. In this vision article we will describe a more and longer in depth view on why we are so motivated to start creating some positive change around the world, what and how we plan to do it, to create the change and how you can help us creating this positive change.


Why a Self-Development Portal?

In my some of my personal articles (My Personal Story, My Succes Story, My Featured Expert Story) you can read how Self-Sevelopment Materials have affected my life in a positive way. After Many Lessons that I learned through self-help programs I was absolutely convinced of the POWER of putting some Efforts in learning NEW Believes to get more Happiness in Life.

I not only Started to get More Confidence but also got myself in a More Healthy state. I became More Happy in life and wanted to share this with the people around me. While having a more positive state of mind I also started to notice the Loved Ones around me became more Centered and Positive…  

Dear friends of mine which I came in contact with in my years as a teenager, taught me what it was to really Care about others. I learned about EGO and how to get it in BALANCE.

I must say that I now Believe we are all Part of life and, to really have a Meaningful life you have to be Meaningful yourself. Now what can there be more obvious to live a meaningful life than by Sharing the things that I’ve learned to others?

Since I NEVER Saw Me as an "Expert" and thought there should be an even More Effective way then Me Teaching the lessons I learned to others, I thought of helping Multiple Experts Share their KNOWLEDGE which CAN help others and so CAN help you! That was the Foundation and original idea of what now is Get Self-Development. "Help others share their knowledge to help even more!"


How Self-Development Will Contribute Creating a Better World?

My personal believes are life consists of Never Ending Challenges but by building a foundation of STRONG and Constructive Believes can make life so much more Enjoyable. While growing to become a More Evolved Person can (especially in the beginning) be quite Frustrating and Hurt a lot but it eventually pays of its efforts BIG TIME!

You can take the Long Road getting there or you can at least Listen to the Advice of others that went before you. Isn’t that what Teaching, Learning and LIFE is about? Getting from the One to the Next phase?

Also Evolving as a person will get you more and more Privileges of life… Is it MONEY you want? Many can teach you how to get it! Is it a Healthy slim Body with Ripped abs? Others can teach you that too.

Now after Achieving just One of Your Goals you Can Help others Too. This will not only Help Them grow but will Help You evolve to the next level and Enjoy Life even more. I see this Process as the Best Contribution to a better world. So if I where you, let’s just FOCUS first on what YOU want…

Learn more about it… read about it, listen to audio programs about it, watch video’s about it and/or join events about it and I’ll GUARANTEE you will Become much more Successful than if you keep Wondering around and Waiting for the next thing that IS going to happen…

You have the choice!  


It’s NOT Your Fault And We Will Help You TAKE the First Step.

If you are currently NOT enjoying life to the FULLEST then I really believe, life as you are now living it Isn’t Entirely Your Fault (if there is someone or something to blame anyway?) If I were in your Situation and have gone through the Experiences that you experienced than I would probably FEEL Exactly the same. I’d Probably even DO the same things that you do.  

But now we are at a CRITICAL Moment where I want to give you some extra motivation to Take Action and Start being the Cause of your own life instead of being the Affected of your Circumstances.  

We are born with just a Little of Willpower and NOW is the Perfect time to Use it. Think of your personal situation and the things that you don’t have…

Think of the things that you would LIKE to have Changed…

Now think, What is the Only thing that you Immediately Can change in life?

It’s YOU!

You can’t cause your circumstances You can’t cause others You can’t cause the world.

But you CAN cause you!

  • What if you cause to become more Healthy? How would you Feel?
  • What if you cause to Learn new Mindsets and Constructive Believes? How would you Behave?
  • What if you cause to HELP Others? How would Others react?
  • What if you cause to Contribute to the World? What would your Circumstance become?

How to Be At Cause and Effect to Change the World?

We at Get Self-Development really Hope and Wish you to become Healthy, Wealthy and Have a Long-Lasting Successful life in all areas of life. Now since you are reading this, it means you HAVE a Resource to acquire More Knowledge and can START Learning new ways to Achieve your Goals.

To help you See how Fortunate you actually are you should Realize there are also Many people who don’t have these Possibilities. They don’t have the Chance to go to Get Self-Development and learn how to be at cause. They Worry about more Life Threatening situations and how to Live Through to the next day to come.

Think of the child that Worries about how to Get Enough Food to Take Care of her small sister because her parents Died of AIDS or WAR. Or if you Look a the world and how it's being Destructed by Bits and Pieces. How it’s being Polluted. Think of some of the Animals that are almost being EXTINCT. They aren’t at cause!

They don’t have the CHOICE to be at Cause but You have! And you even have the Possibilities to help the helpless.  
Now it maybe sounds a bit Harsh but it is REALITY. And you can do something about it. But you don’t have to do it alone.

We have to work together!


What We Do to Help You and Cause CHANGE Around the World.

We Believe in Change!

We have Created a System for you to use where you can Find and Acquire the BEST Personal Growth Materials to get your needs met and even go to the Next Level in becoming the Most Successful you possibly can. When you start Focusing on That part of life, you’ll be Investing in self-improvement programs to Learn From the Experts who went before you.

When Investing in these programs to Achieve the outcomes that you want, we also Receive Contribution from the experts. These experts will be able to Create More Valuable Products with your Money, and We will Also be able to Provide you with Better Services.

But that’s not all what WE Will Do…

Part of the Contribution that we will earn from the Products you Buy from Get Self-Development will go to our Charities that we have Partnered with. We have created a special Get Gratitude Charity Program where part of the contributions will go to.

  • This way you can be at cause to Effect the LIFE of the child and her little sister.
  • This way you can be at cause to Effect the Protection of the Almost Extinct Animals.
  • This way you can be at cause to Effect the Provisioning of CLEAN drinkwater.

Contributing By Making It Personal.

Now since Get Self-Development is a Portal of Knowledge we do not Believe in ONLY donating money. There are just to many examples where the Money Didn’t SOLVE the Problems.

We think this very valuable Portal of Knowledge can be Used even Better and We have made the contribution to a better world a Personal Goal. All our Team Members who Work for Get Self-Development MUST help our Joined charities by sharing their Services and Knowledge to really start making some Positive Change!

For Example:Our fulltime employed website designers will be Working Together with our Marketers, our Designers and the Charity to CREATE an even More Effective Website for the Charities to Become more Successful.Our team will be MASTERMINDING to help these charities even more and we Hope by doing this, the Effects will be: Positive Change Around the World.

And it all begins with you!

  • You can use your Willpower to be at Cause and START on your path to Personal growth.
  • You can cause us to Donate Money to charity
  • You can cause us to Contribute our Time and Expertise to charity
  • You can cause to Get more Desirable Circumstances
  • You can cause to Be an Example for others

You CAN Cause Change Creating a Better World!

Easily Experience The Rapid Self-Transformation You Desire!