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Get Self-Development - Charity Program

Get Self-Development - Charity Program

Do You Like Helping Others And Event Get Something Back for It?

Get Self-Development has the VISION to Help Others Grow and develop them to their full Potential. By Working Together we believe we can make a bigger Difference to the World. Helping each other will change lives. We hope that by Dedicating our Time to help others, more will follow. If you want to learn more about our vision go to Vision of Get Self-Development.

We think being part of the Get Self-Development community is a privilege. It's not only because you can Find Brilliant self-development Programs and Articles here, or that you can Interact with many equal minded people.


It's because you also have the privilege you CAN make use of an internet connection and a pc or tablet. It's because you probably LIVE in a country where you can have your most BASIC NEEDS met. That you don’t live in WAR and you even CAN have Luxury articles that you may enjoy.

We all know there are also To Many People who have far less or might even live in Life Threatening situations.
You probably know there are people who don’t even have the Possibility to make use of such privileges.

Because Get Self-Development also wants to Help people who don’t have the Opportunity to visit our website and read self-development articles or enjoy great self-development programs. Because we think WE NEED to TAKE ACTION and really make the word a better place.We decided to also Start a Charity Program.


The Get Gratitude Charity Program: Help Others While Helping Yourself!

The Get gratitude charity has been Created to help us keep Realizing we need to be thankful for all our possibilities and being able to invest in ourselves creating a more enjoyable life. To show this GRATITUDE we decided to help others who aren’t as Fortunate as we are.

We believe in the saying: "Practice What You Preach!"

That’s why Get Self-Development will DONATE 10% of our earned income from the "Self Help Compare" to below Charities.

For now, We’ve chosen to donate to 6 Charities divided in its own specific Category to help the World being a better place in the broadest aspect. The Get Gratitude Charity Program consist of charities in the following Categories:

Our experts may Choose from the Get Gratitude Charity list where they want to donate to. We will make sure that 10% of the Fee the specific expert pays to promote his or her programs on Get Self-Development goes to the charity of the Expert’s choice.

Learn about the details of our Get Gratitude Charity Program here


Improving Your Own Life Will Help Others Too!

NOW you know...

When you look in our Self-Help Compare and decide to Invest in your own Self-Improvement you will not only IMPROVE your Own life but also help making the world a better place.

To learn more about our Vision and how we think to create this positive change go to Vision of Get Self-Development.