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Wildlife Charity: Friends of Bonobos

Wildlife Charity: Friends of Bonobos

Friends of Bonobos

Friends of Bonobos is Founded To Promote the Protection of the Bonobo and it's Habitat. They Have Been Taking in Orphaned Bonobos and Help Them Rehabilitate to be Released Into the Wild.

The main reason we decided to work with “Friends of Bonobos” is the great care to bonobos we can give as they are a species that is at risk of extinction and only found in Democratic Republic of Congo. They are the closest species to human beings with a similarity of 98.7% of genes.

As human beings we believe we are the most evolved being but why is it that we still make war, fight with each other and murder?! Why do we show so much greed? Is that evolved?

What is so amazing about the bonobos is they have never been seen to kill their own kind. How would it be if we took a closer look at those cousin creatures.. We might actually learn from them and become more peaceful ourselves!

Watch this beautiful video where you can get to know a little bit more about the bonobos and why we should help them.



Unfortunately because we aren’t as humane as we think we are these little friends are now a severely threatened species and need our help.

Let’s show these friends of us that we ARE the more evolved species. Let’s show ourselves we can take care of others.

If the Bonobos can show us how to be non-violent let them be our example and protect them from ourselves.