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Where Ever it's Needed Most Charity: Virgin Unite!

Where Ever it's Needed Most Charity: Virgin Unite!

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Virgin Unite is a Non Profit Foundation for the Virgin Group. The Overheads are Covered by Richard and the Virgin Group, Thus That All Donations Received Go Direct To the Frontline Where They are Needed Most!

Get Self-Development is working with Virgin Unite! which has a good reputation and has a big network which equals to impact. Virgin Unite! is focused on working with different causes and partnering with them should bring confidence to you on where your donation goes.

About Virgin Unite!

Virgin Unite brings together great people and entrepreneurial ideas to help people better their lives and reinvent the way they work and live.

It is in this spirit that Virgin Unite has narrowed down areas of need to support around the world which includes leadership and advocacy, business innovation and entrepreneurship as its core activities.

How they work

Virgin Unite works with its community, friends and employees to deliver the projects that are created to solve problems. Tackling problems such as fistula, female genital mutilation and drugs, advocacy is needed to raise awareness of such problems affecting people in a bid to better their lives in terms of health and otherwise.

Donations have also been used to set up entrepreneurship centres in UK, South Africa and the Unites States so far so as to train young entrepreneurs in how to conduct their business. Virgin believes that by inspiring and supporting entrepreneurship and its activities, successful business will be built which will impact the society positively and create employment.

“The best way forward is to give more people everywhere greater power to build their own destinies.” Richard Branson.

How we work with Virgin Unite

Get Self Development (GSD) is working with Virgin Unite in its charity program on W6 Gratitude-Where it is needed most. Contributions which constitute 10% of profits of GSD will be directed to the activities that Virgin engages in which include and not limited to trainings to young entrepreneurs, leadership and advocacy and business innovations.

For more on Virgin Unite and its programs, please visit

About programs that Virgin Unite is involved in:

Leadership and Advocacy

Richard and the Virgin brand blend a powerful voice with great convening power and entrepreneurial spirit that have allowed us build new alliances to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges. They have worked with partners to incubate new leadership initiatives such as the Elders, the Carbon War Room, and The B Team.

The Elders are Independent global leaders working together for peace and human rights and they include well known individuals from around the world. The Carbon War Room is a group of entrepreneurs to unlock market-driven solutions to climate change. The B Team consists of world leaders who aim to deliver a Plan B for business that puts people and planet alongside profit.
On Advocacy; Gaia Rocks is a project that highlights and supports important frontline projects to value and protect the planet’s beautiful and fragile ecosystems and species. Drug Policy, is advocacy to raise awareness of illegal drug trade on going and getting solutions to it. End Fistula is a project to help prevent a life-shattering condition caused by complications in childbirth in Africa, Asia and the Arab World.

Business Innovation

Business Innovation Team works with Virgin companies to help them make life better by creating fun while working by encouraging them instead to think about how they can reinvent the way they does business.

One of the ways to ignite new thinking is through the Blueprint for Transformation. It helps us identify where businesses can adapt their business models for good. Focusing on people and planet as core to the way the business operates helps to create more jobs and opportunities and takes better care of our natural resources, while creating strong financial returns too. It’s a win-win.


To drive economic development and have positive impact in society, Virgin Unite has taken up entrepreneurship as its core activity. It has done this by involving Virgin Group and the 24902 Community to provide entrepreneurs with the skills, resources and opportunities they need to launch and grow sustainable businesses. Some projects include the Branson Centres of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean and South Africa and the Virgin StartUp scheme in the UK.