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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

All that you’ll need to know about the fasted growing personal development portal on the internet.


Table of Contents

1            What is Get Self-Development?

2            The Specific Parts and Services Get Self-Development Offers.

2.1         The Homepage

2.1.1      The Left menu

2.2         Get Self-Development Articles

2.3         Get Self-Development Videos

2.4         Get Self-Development Experts

2.5         Get Self-Development Products

2.6         Get Self-Development Forum

2.7         Get Self-Development W6 Charity Program

2.8         Get Self-Development Self Help Events

2.9         Get Self-Development Success Stories

2.10        Get Self-Development Poll

2.11        Get Self-Development Featured ExpertsTable of Contents

2.12        Get Self-Development Blog

2.13        Personal Member Profile

2.14        Personal Expert Profile

2.15        Future Services

3            The Categories on Get Self-Development

4            Comparing Self-help Products and Experts

4.1         Comparing Ratings & Reviews of Self-Development Products

4.2         Comparing Ratings & Reviews of Self-Development Experts

5            The Get Self-Development Community

5.1          More about our Get Self-Development Experts

5.2          More about our Get Self-Development Members

5.3          More about our Get Self-Development Visitors

5.4          More about the Get Self-Development Team

6             The Get Self Development Trustmarks

6.1          Bronze Trustmark

6.2          Silver Trustmark

6.3          Golden Trustmark

7             Policies, Terms and Conditions of Get Self-Development

8             Useful Information for Our Experts

9             Conditions To Meet Before Signing Up an Expert Account

10           Expert Membership Types

10.3        The Premium Credit Membership

10.4        The Premium+ Expert Membership

11            Adding Your Affiliate Program and Products Process

12            Credits and Get Self-Development

12.1         Some Recommended Credit Settings

12.2         Credits Costs Table

12.3         HOW TO: Earn FREE Credits!

13            The Get Self-Development Expert Profile

13.1          My Self-Development

13.1.1       My Articles

13.1.2       My Videos

13.1.3       My Products

13.1.4       My Events

14            HOW TO: Create an Article That Has The Most Chance Of Getting on The Front-page

15            HOW TO: Add a Video

16            HOW TO: Add Your Products or Services

17            Traditional Advertising Possibilities

17.1         Homepage

17.1.1       Left menu

17.1.2       The Featured Article

17.1.3       The Article Slider

17.1.4       The Poll

17.1.5       Various Banners

17.2          Advertising on the Get Self-Development Sub-pages

17.2.1       Our Suggestions (Articles / Videos)

17.2.2       Our Suggestions (Products)


1. What is Get Self-Development?

Find out what you may expect from us and what we do to help you on your path to personal growth.

Get Self-Development is one of the more extensive webportal/community websites for everything that has to do with personal development, achieving goals, improving skills or becoming better at other parts in life in general.

We connect and share all the best quality of self-development materials to help others improve their lives. Get Self-Development  offers Experts the possibility to share their wisdom to a larger public and offers visitors to the platform to get in touch with the best self-development materials. To make it even more efficient for our visitors learning new ideas to improve their lives, we  have created The Get Self-Development “Self-Help Compare” where you can compare many self-help products and services and learn what works best for you.

By providing many FREE services we strive to become the biggest and even more important most valuable self-help community online.

Read more about us here: Introduction article


2. The Specific Parts and Services Get Self-Development Offers.

Learn about each of our (future) services and find out which one you like most.

Get Self-Development Parts and Services

Get Self-Development is a web portal offering many different services to provide a large community all they desire that is related to personal development.

The services you can find on this website are:

The Homepage
The Get Self-Development homepage provides an overview of our highest quality and featured self-improvement articles, video’s, products, reviews and other services related to personal development.

Self-Development Articles
Find a large collection of self-help articles divided into 6 main categories and their specific subcategories. Leave your comments below to get help and / or help others.

Self-Development Videos
The most EASY, EFFECTIVE and FREE way to learn any skill! Browse in a large categorized collection of self-help videos that can help you achieve your goals. Watch and learn!

A complete list of all subscribed “experts” of Get Self-Development and find or rate your favorite coach. Read their personal profiles and find out which expertise and qualities they have.

The pinnacle of Get Self-Development. Find and compare your favorite coaching programs and see which one is most effective helping you achieving your goals! Rate the programs you’d already have used and help others by leaving your review.

Discuss or ask help from the Get Self-Development community. Interact with like-minded people to achieve your goals even faster. The best way to learn yourself is to help others!

W6 Charity Program
The charity program of Get Self-Development where 10% of our earnings will go to, depending on which charity category the expert has chosen to contribute.

Self Help Events
Find many personal improvement events from all over the world. Get to know What, When, Where, How and for How Much each event is available for you!

Success StoriesParts and Services
Have a success story yourself or like to know how others achieved their goals and want to learn from it? Share your story with the Get Self-Development community and see what you can do for others!

Get questions related to self-help, personal development products or other topics about self-improvement and vote for the answer that suits best. Find out what others think and respond.

Featured Experts
An extensive Question and Answer style interview with our most active experts or others that we think deserve to get in the spotlight! Learn new stories or lessons from your favorite expert.

Read personal stories from the Get Self-Development team members and how they work on their skills and abilities and try becoming a better person in general.

Left Menu
Get an overview of our latest submitted content and best of all. Customize this website and display only what you are interested in.

Personal Member Profile
Add your details and manage your settings here. By filling in the blanks other people can get to know you better and you’ll be part of this community more easily.

Personal Expert Profile
Experts can add their details in the profile so others might find them more easy and get to know them even better. Share your favorite quotes or vision and manage you self-development content here.

Future Services
At Get Self-Development we strive to offer you the most extensive self-development platform and still have many project that we would love to offer. One that is currently under construction is our Top Self-Development Books.

Top Self-Development Books (Future service)

  • Vote for or Add your favorite Self-Development Books.
  • Learn what books are popular right now or of all time within in each category.
  • Make your own public or private lists of favorite self-development books
  • Buy your favorite books trough Amazon or other retailers


2.1 The Homepage

The Get Self-Development homepage provides an overview of our highest quality and featured self-improvement articles, video’s, products, reviews and other services related to personal development.
Find a list with a full overview of each service that can be found on our homepage here Our features and services

Besides a well-structured overview of all features and our best personal development materials this homepage is also customizable using the left menu.

2.1.1 The Left menu

By selecting one or more categories of your interest, all articles and other self-help content shown on the homepage will be changed and display you what you like most. If for example you happened to be interested in the Love and Relationship and Health and Fitness topic but not in the other categories you can just select these categories on the upper side of the left menu. After selecting these, the entire homepage will only display articles and other content that you are interested in.
Below the categories in the left menu you will find the latest 5 articles, reviews, advertisements, videos, success stories and discussion board topics that just have been added by one of our members in the community.

If you like to have just a little bit more space and less distraction you can also click on the upper right arrow of this menu to hide this menu. This can help you focus more on the content displayed on the website.

Reading Self-Development Articles

2.2 Get Self-Development Articles

The Get Self-Development articles can be found on our homepage in the form of featured articles and headline articles or you can search through all expert articles on the article page which you can navigate to through: Main menu -> articles.
What’s really great is that you can use the left menu on our home page to show your favorite main category articles, on the article page you can select the subcategory that you are interested in to get more specified information on the topic of your interest. Sort the articles on date, popularity and others to find the exact information that you are looking for!

The collection of all articles that you can find on this website are written by the subscribed Get Self-Development experts. Below each article you can find a signature with the personal details of their respective owner. If you liked a specific article on our website then we recommend you to check out the profile of the author and browse through their materials to look if there is something else available that might be of interest to you.


2.3 Get Self-Development Videos

The Self-Help videos can be found on various places on our website but mainly on the videos page which you can navigate through: Main menu -> videos.
On the videos page you can sort and filter your favorite category and then watch countless of hours of personal development. Watching videos of the topic that you are interested is a very easy, effective and FREE way to learn new lessons.

What’s great about this, is you can easily find many videos of your interest. It’s probable that multiple experts teach what you want to learn so you easily can get to know more "teachers". Also learning the same content from different experts can help you increase your learning speed because someone else might tell it just a bit different which could help you understand what you might have heard before. If you like these videos feel free to comment and you might get a response from our other members or experts.


2.4 Get Self-Development Experts

Many Experts who have created special programs to help people achieve a goals or acquire a certain skill have registered on this website. On the experts page (Main menu -> experts) you can search through all registered experts. What’s great about this page is that you can compare the specific qualities of all these experts. Learn if they also do personal coaching, if they have educational qualifications or click on their name to go to their profile.

Who are these GSD experts? Click on the link to find out!


2.5 Get Self-Development Products

The Get Self-Development product overview is a categorized list of many personal development products like recorded seminars, audio programs, ebooks, or online subscriptions. These products all have in common that they share knowledge which can help to become better / more successful at something or life in general. Self-Development products aren’t physical products like pills, supplements, tools or of those kind.
We focus on informational products. Informational products or services are created to help those that use them to learn a certain skill, believe or mindset. These are the kind of products that can be rated and reviewed by the public.

Using this portal you'll finally can compare all the specifics which gives the opportunity to form a better opinion of what informational products would work for you!
Find out more about Comparing Ratings & Reviews of Self-Development Products


2.6 Get Self-Development Forum

What is a community without good discussion boards? That’s why we created the possibility for all our members and experts to post their topics. Do you have questions or do you like to discuss with others about a topic of your interest? Helping others is the best way to learn a new skill yourself. Discussion boards are a great way to help others. Like all other content on the forum is well categorized. You’ll easily can find the topics you like most and post your own.

As you can imagine there goes a lot of work into the moderation of these discussion boards to keep the quality of our website as high as possible. Remove spam, move topics to the correct forum, remove inappropriate comments and much more. Currently we are still looking for some great moderators who would like to spend some of their time working with the Get Self-Development team. Check out our vacancies and see if you fit the job  and how to apply.

To help our moderators remove a bit of the pressure we created some rules and regulations that we ask people to follow. Again, this is purely created for us to offer you the highest quality that’s possible. Please read this Forum FAQ before using our discussion boards.


2.7 Get Self-Development Get Charity Program

The vision of Get Self-Development is to help people grow, achieve success and become a better and  more satisfied happy person. We try to do this by providing all the necessary information to actually achieve their goal. We hope that when someone has reached a certain level of success, they will also influence the people around them and start the snowball effect of changing the world.
To really help this snowball effect, ripple effect of whatever you want to call it ;-)... We decided to also setup a charity program. Because Get Self-Development is such a large portal which offers informational content within 6 main categories, we also decided to work with 6 types of charities.

These types are:

  WATER: Provisioning of clean Drinkwater
  WELL BEING: Improving Healthcare where it’s needed
  WILDLIFE: Protection and Care of our Wildlife and Animals in general
  WISDOM: Improving Education and Help youth get an educated foundation
  WORLD: Improving of our World, Environment and Nature


WHERE IT'S NEEDED MOST: The Charity Virgin Unite will decide where it’s needed most

We have called our charity program The W6 Gratitude Charity Program and Experts may choose which charity they like support. Every time someone buys a product from the self-help compare overview Get Self-Development will earn some commissions. At least 10% (and hopefully more later) of those commissions that we receive will go to the charity of the experts choice. We also got much bigger plans for this charity program which you can read more of in The Get Gratitude Charity Program article.


2.8 Get Self-Development Self Help Events

The Self-Help Events module on this website is also one of its kind and quite unique throughout the internet. Here you’ll can find many events from all over the world or online available.

  1. Click on your favorite category
  2. Select your location
  3. Set your price

=     Find interesting events that you can attend.

Search for events from your favorite expert and see their agenda. Filter all event types or search through all events between specific dates. Read the details and find out how to attend each event or contact the expert to subscribe. While this already is an unique feature there are future updates planned to improve self-help events and make this even more user friendly. So if you are an expert and would like to promote your events... Make sure not to wait too long because this now still is a FREE service and we might charge for it in the future after our update.


2.9 Get Self-Development Success Stories

Do you have a success story of your own you would like to share? The Get Self-Development Success Stories is for all subscribed members who can share their own success story. Sometimes you could have achieved such a goal that you are so proud of, you would like to share it with everyone else who likes to hear it. This is where Success Stories is for! Share your own story and help others achieve what you already have achieved.

When you have a moment were you don’t feel it anymore or you just aren’t as motivated. Reading through some of these success stories can help you enormously feel motivated again. Ask others, who already achieved what you like to achieve, some questions and get help getting to your goal. Success stories are just such a great way to help each other out. If they can do it... What schouldn't you?! Now, if you read through a really helpful success story make sure to leave a comment and say thank you ;-).


2.10 Get Self-Development Poll

What do you think? In our Get Self-Development Poll we post weekly updates with new questions for our community to answer and share their opinion. At our poll you may get questions about what you think of some specific feature on the website, what you think of a specific product, what you do to learn a skill and so on. Find out what others think and maybe can learn from it too.
It’s great to be part of and interact with like-minded people. You’ll get influenced most by the people around you so it’s almost a life success guarantee to interact with the community of Get Self-Development who are here to learn and grow to become better people.


2.11 Get Self-Development Featured Experts

Our featured experts are those who just deserve it to be in the spotlight. They ,in our opinion, have made a big difference or have been really active in our community. These experts get rewarded with some extra promotion in the form of an in depth Q&A article. These high quality special articles will be shown here and get monthly updated.
This is a great way to learn new Experts and find out more about them, their qualities or their products. These experts take real effort in helping other people and we are realy grateful for it. We'd like to thank them by doing our best putting them into the spotlight.


2.12 Get Self-Development Blog

Do you like to learn more about the Get Self-Development Team? Then you can read our personal Get Self-Development Blog. Who is who? What do they do? What are they really proud of? Or anything else that’s our team thinks is worth sharing. The Get Self-Development Blog is a peek behind the scenes and another way you can get a to interact with us.


2.13 Personal Member Profile

When you’ll register on you’ll get to create your own profile. With this profile you can fill in your preferences. Tell us who you are, what you believe in, share your favorite quotes & thoughts, where you’re interested in and much more that you would like to share. At the settings of your profile you can also choose to make your profile invisible for non-members or maybe everyone? Change settings like what email notifications and newsletters to receive and which not. Fill in your contact details of your social media and others to connect with your friends and become an active member of the community.

To make a long story short… If you like to be an active part of this community? Creating your own account and profile is essential to interact with of our community.
Register your FREE Member Account


2.14 Personal Expert Profile

When you meet the experts conditions you can register a personal expert profile on Having such a profile is a great way to promote your content with a large group of people interested in personal development. Having an Expert profile is a great way for “Experts” to share what they care for and hopefully attract people that like their materials. The expert profile has most functionality of the member profile and some additional functionality to share articles, videos, products or services and events

Most of their content can be promoted for FREE and if they created some really high value stuff we’ll post this on our homepage where you can then find a collection of only the best! Now if you are an expert and like to know more about the specific details of having an Expert Profile check them here.

To immediately start off making use of or trying our services Register your FREE Expert Account


2.15 Future Services

While Get Self-Development is already a extensive platform with many different services there are still many ideas that we want to execute. Unfortunately we can’t share to much yet and will we start focusing on optimizing the website. One thing we already are working on is what we call Top Self-Development Books. This will be a service where you can vote for your favorite personal development books. Make a list of your own favorites. Share these lists with others and more.

If you got some suggestion on what you would like to see implemented into this portal then feel free to request it on our forum or send us a message using our contact page


3 The Categories on Get Self-Development

All content that you’ll find on is divided into 6 main categories.

These categories are:

  Health and Fitness
  Love and Relationships
  Personal Development
  Skills and Abilities
  Spirituality and Religion
  Wealth and Finance

Now each main category has also 5 or more subcategories. To learn what each category mean we’ll suggest you to check this: Categories Explained
In this article you can find an overview of all available categories with their descriptions. This comes in real handy when you are unsure where to post your content or when you are looking for some specific content and don’t know where to look.

At Get Self-Development we are aware that some categories might be missing and that’s why we created a topic on our forum where you can post your category requests. We will make sure to check this and if the demand is high or we think this subcategory would be a great complement to the website we will add it to the sub-categories.


4 Comparing Self-help Products and Experts

With online you now easily can find what products or which expert you like best to finally achieve what you want!

 Comparing Self-help Products and Experts

At Get Self-Development you can find a large collection of all kinds of personal development materials. Now how to find out what really works? This is where we will help you. By choosing the category that you would like to have improved you’ll find many programs that are available to get to your goal. Select your preferences like price, rating and product type and see your results. Then select the products that you would like to compare and see a nice overview of each pro or con. Read reviews from other people and finally decide which program works best for you!

The idea behind it all

Before the launch of this web portal there weren’t any comparing websites available in the personal development scene. Now if you, like Patrique Burgersdijk was, are on a limited budget, you only can spend your money once. Especially in such a situation, it would be very nice if what you buy from the internet would actually work! The beautiful stories with recommendations on the website of the expert are very appealing but Patrique also knew how advertisement works. So how to be really sure of the quality of a product or expertise of an expert. The only option in our opinion would be doing some very time consuming research on the internet. Read on different discussion boards, read the profiles and reviews on Facebook and if even possible, ask people who have used their products or services.

Now that’s a lot of work before buying a product! Wouldn’t it be great if these self-help products also could be reviewed and compared just like on those product comparing websites… Why isn’t that available yet?
Fortunately... It is now :-)


4.1 Comparing Ratings & Reviews of Self-Development Products

Our goal when creating this website was to offer you the most extensive website to compare self-help materials. A very big part in comparing products is to compare them with public ratings and reviews that people can leave behind.

Some Key areas that can be rated are:

  • Effectiveness:
    Effectiveness is about how well the objectives are achieved using this program or service. How well does this product help you to solve the targeted problems?
  • Ease of Implementation:
    Ease of Implementation is about how well the product is setup. Is this program easy to understand and does it help you with step by step methods to implementing the taught lessons in your life? Do you know exactly what to do while or after you have been working with this product or service?
  • Innovation:
    Innovation is about the lessons that can be learned using this program or service. Is this more of the same or have you learned a lot of new lessons that are a great help achieving your goals?
  • Packaging/ Customer Service:
    Packaging and Customer Service is about how well the specific Expert/Organization has send you the materials. How well was the product designed? Did they communicate clearly? Have you had contact with their support? How well and fast did they respond?
  • Value for Money:
    After purchasing the product and having gone through the program. Was it worth the money? Did you learn many highly useful lessons that you could implement and benefit from? For example: Will this program earn its money back?
  • Desired outcome:
    Now In the end did you get to you desired goal? How high are the chances of achieving your goal using this program or service?

Comparing ratings like these and reading reviews from others can help you enormously making an final decision what program would work best for you!


4.2 Comparing Ratings & Reviews of Self-Development Experts

Every expert is another individual and all with their specific characteristics. It’s sometimes very time consuming to get to know a person and find out if he or she fits your style. By comparing below key pillars of strength you can get a better picture of who would be a great expert you could learn from.

  • Knowledge:
    How well does the Expert knows the materials he teaches? How much Experience does he/she have?  Does he/she have a good background?
  • Character:
    How does you’re the Expert present himself/herself as a person? Do they show sincere interest in clients? Show they compassion? Do they have a genuine personality?
  • Communication:
    Is the Expert easy to understand? Does he/she communicate well? How well is the Expert able to make an normally “hard to understand” subject in a more easy to understand structure?
  • Motivation:
    Does the Expert do a good job of motivating you, getting you out of your comfort zone, inspiring you to get the best possible outcome?
  • Results:
    How well did the Expert help you get your desired outcome? Did he/she gave you new insights? Are you happy with the results?


5 The Get Self-Development Community

Get Self-Development CommunityThe Get Self-Development community consist of 4 groups of people who together create an amazing platform that try to help each other grow and become a better person in one or more aspect in life. These groups, of course consist of our very valued “Experts”. Without the help of these people who invest their time to share their knowledge to other people this all wouldn’t be possible. We also have our equally important members of  who took the effort to register their own account and interact to be part of this community. Without our members all would be a lot quieter ;-)

Another large group of this community are our visitors which we also respect very much. We hope that this web portal offers enough information and knowledge to help all our visitors start or continue on their path to personal growth. Last but not least are all Get Self-Development team members. Without them this portal wouldn’t even be build, managed, filled, moderated, advertised and much more.


5.1 More about our Get Self-Development Experts

Who are these experts and why are they part of the Get Self-Development community?
Well... On the internet you can find many many people who have some knowledge they share with others. Whether this is in the form of an eBook or many video programs doesn’t really matter. Some are better known, like Brian Tracy or Anthony Robbins and some are (maybe at this moment) not as famous. That doesn’t mean only the well-known experts can be part of Get Self-Development.

Get Self-Development Experts are people who like to share their expertise with others to help other people grow. We hope that can help these experts share their knowledge even better and by working together and help to create some positive change in other people’s lives. If you think you might be a great expert on this web portal than check if you meet our conditions. If you got what it takes than we would be very honored to have you with us and be part of the Get Self-Development Community.


5.2 More about our Get Self-Development Members

The Get Self-Development Members are those who registered their own account to comment on articles, videos or events. These are the people who make it possible to compare products and read their reviews about specific programs. These are the people who took effort to rate the materials they have used and help many others by giving their opinion. You can find our members active on our discussion boards, to help others and/or maybe look for help themselves. Some of our really active members may also have shared their own success story which often is a great help for other people who start or continue their personal development journey.


5.3 More about our Get Self-Development Visitors

Our visitors are the group of people that we all do it for. These are the people who look for personal development content to achieve their goals. People who visit most of the time are interested in personal development materials or a certain topic on how to change some circumstances in their life. Because we believe that the development of yourself and pursuing your goals will lead to real happiness, we will try to help our visitors the best we can!

In a very real way, every one of the Get Self-Development community is also a visitor.
Welcome to our community everyone!


5.4 More about the Get Self-Development Team

The team of Get Self-Development first of all consist of the founder Patrique Burgersdijk. He is the person who has invested years into this project before was ready for launch. The rest of our team consists of members all with their own expertise which will be introduced to you on a about us page when ready. With this group of people from all over the world we try to make the Get Self-Development experience the best possible. This means lots of moderation work to keep our quality high and a real focus on support to help as much people we can with our services.
Now especially in the beginning of our launch phase there can be much improved and there are probably some things not working as they should but our team of people who work at Get Self-Development all have the best intentions helping you and delivering our services. If you are interested in being part of the team then feel free to take a look at our vacancies and send us a message that you are interested in working with us.


6 The Get Self Development Trustmarks

The best guarantee a product, service or expert really delivers to help you achieve your goal!

Want an almost guarantee that the program you like really works? Many experts offer a no questions asked money back guarantee but if that not enough watch for products and experts with our special trustmark.

6.1 Bronze Trustmark

Products and Experts with our BRONZE Trustmark have acquired at least 5 reviews and ratings from users of their products. The average rating of the product or expert is now more trustworthy than products or experts without any or only a few. If 10 people say something really works? Would you believe them?

6.2 Silver Trustmark

Products and Experts with a SILVER Trustmark really acquired quite a gathering of clients and 50 or even more of them have shown their loyalty by posting their personal ratings or reviews of this specific expert or product. 50 individuals all with a personal profile on Get Self-Development left their opinion. Now if that isn’t an almost guarantee these ratings represent the truth?

6.3 Golden Trustmark

The highest Trustmark currently available on Get Self-Development. Experts and Products with such a Trustmark have acquired ratings and reviews from a 100 or more individuals. If 100 individuals are telling you something really works? Would you consider it to be true?


7 Policies, Terms and Conditions of Get Self-Development

Policies, Terms and ConditionsWe try to keep everyone as satisfied as possible by just being honest. We hope by offering this kind of transparency and showing that we really have the best interest in you. While we are quite idealistic we also know that we can’t make everyone satisfied and that there are always people who don’t have the best interest in us.

Because of this reason and because we also have to follow some rules and regulations we created several policies.

These policies can be found here

When you register an account on you also automatically accept these policies. In your profile is a timestamp avaiable where you can see when you have accepted these rules.




8 Useful Information for Our Experts

Whether it’s about advertising opportunities, categorizing your materials or learning how to get a front page article. This information is all available and described in this part of the GSD WIKI.


9 Conditions To Meet Before Signing Up an Expert Account

At Get Self-Development we really value our experts, members and visitors. We are also very aware that a large part of our content comes from willing experts who like to share their wisdom on this web portal. To make it fun for everyone and keep our quality as high as possible we needed to create some terms, rules and conditions that every expert needs to comply with before signing up.

We want you to be aware that every expert account will be checked and validated.

  • Before you can be an expert on you should at least have a personal website where you sell one or more of your informational products.
  • You may not sell products from other experts on this platform.
  • We prefer you register with an email address of the same domain name as your website.
  • We ask you to fill in all of your details within 1 week after registration.

After you meet these terms we will check your account as soon as possible and you’ll be notified whether or not you can be part of this community as a Get Self-Development Expert!


10 Expert Membership Types

As a Get Self-Development “Expert” you can make use of 4 types of expert memberships. Whether you like to make use of our FREE services without paying a dime or make use of your own affiliate program. Get Self-Development gives you enough opportunity to help you attract more clients and increase sales. Each type of these memberships will be described below.


10.1 The FREE Advertisement Membership

For the “Experts” that just want to give it a try to make use of our services we offer a FREE Expert membership. When you meet the necessary conditions you can subscribe your account and have a look. You get complete freedom filling in your own profile, adding your articles, videos and events. You’ll even get to promote one of your products or services entirely for FREE. With this FREE Expert membership only you’ll already get enough possibility to rock this platform and attract NEW clients.

Some things you must know when using this FREE method of advertising your products and services is, because it’s free you also might find some advertising of others within your own advertisement. Also some of the additional functionalities like formatting your descriptions and adding pictures or videos isn’t possible. You can only advertise one product or service for FREE. This FREE advertising is mainly intended for experts who want to check out our services.
If you haven’t already signed up an account then signup here


10.2 The Next Level Affiliate Membership

This is the Expert membership type where the real fun happens. You can make use of our full services using your own affiliate program. The only thing you need to do for this is fill in your own affiliate program details. We will make sure to sign up and after we subscribed and validated your affiliate program you can advertise your products using our affiliate link of your products. For more information about the process make sure to read: Adding Your Affiliate Program and Products Process

Adding an Next Level Affiliate advertising will give you complete freedom in the product description. There will be no advertisements from others displayed within your product description and you only get to pay for a product that actually has been sold. That’s some low risk high visibility advertising of your products! This membership will also have a higher chance of getting a headline articles or featured article on our homepage and if you really put some effort in to it you’ll make chance to get a featured expert article.

10.3 The Premium Credit Membership

For experts that don’t have an affiliate program, want to promote immediately and do want to make use of our full services there is the Premium Credit Membership. When you add one or more of your programs on your profile you can buy credits to advertise these products or services. For each click on the “buy now” button which will lead to your sales page of your product it will cost a certain amount of credits. Because most of our visitors only click on the "buy now" button when they already have decided to buy your product this will get you really high conversions per click.

To read more about the how to and other details read about our revolutionary credit system.


10.4 The Premium+ Expert Membership

The Premium+ Expert Membership is for experts that want most flexibility advertising their products. You’ll get a Premium+ membership when you both have a validated affiliate partnership and bought some credits to advertise your products. If you need more details about the specifics then make sure to read about both about The Next Level Affiliate Membership and The Premium Credit Membership. Using The Premium+ Expert Membership you’ll get all freedom to display your products in our self-help compare overview.


11 Adding Your Affiliate Program and Products Process

If you have decided to use you own affiliate program to advertise your products or services you made a great and low risk choice for advertising. When using your affiliate program you’ll only pay for a product that actually has been sold while we do the advertising for you!
Now here is how it goes.

  1. You need to go to your account settings by clicking on your name in the right corner of your screen and then settings in the blue menu on the middle left of the screen.
  2. On this page look for Affiliate program
    Here you can fill in your own url of your affiliate program. When you have filled in the url the status will change into “In validation".

    ! If you feel we need a little bit more information to subscribe to your affiliate program feel free to send us a message using our contact form
  3. When your affiliate program is “In validation” someone from our team will go check your link and subscribe filling in the necessary information. This can take some time but we will do our best to register as soon as possible to your affiliate program.
  4. After we have registered and you have confirmed our registration of your affiliate program we will fill in our affiliate id of your affiliate program and change the Affiliate program status into “Validated”
  5. Now your affiliate program has been validated and you can use the Next Level Affiliate Advertisement.
    Make sure to use the correct affiliate link with our id. After you have submitted your product we will also check this product and if correct validate it for promotion


12 Credits and Get Self-Development

On you can advertise your products using a credit system. Now how does this credits system really work?

A NEW And Revolutionized Credit System To Get The Best Of Both Worlds.
Get Self-Development created a Premium Advertising Membership where you can have the best of both worlds. Get almost like Affiliate System traffic without paying commissions!

Here’s How It Works.
When you have subscribed as an Expert on Get Self-Development you can choose to buy a package of credits depending on your needs and desires.

You also can earn some FREE credits by promoting our website. Learn more here if you like to earn FREE Credits!

With these credits you can promote your self-development product or service using our Premium Advertising Membership. When you choose to do so, you can subscribe your product and explain in detail what your prospective customer will get from it. You can use pictures or samples like videos and audios which will be displayed to our visitors. Use all that you can offer to attract and help your potential customer. The more higher value you can give away the better your prospective customer can validate if you have what it takes for them to achieve their goals.

NOW We Will Do The Rest Of The Promoting For You!
Your products and services can be compared and filtered with other self-development products. They also can be reviewed, rated and evaluated which will give the customers massive validation. Because this will be and independent opinion of many peopleOur visitors can decide even better if your program will be right for them to buy.

This Is Where The Magic Happens!
Get Self-Development offers our visitors an independent view of which programs work best for them. Because this website will give them all the info they need about your product they are ready to buy your product and will be confident in doing so. That’s also the moment when they click on the Buy Now! Button. When the Buy Now! Button is pressed they will go to your website where they need to fill in their payment details and buy your product and when the Buy Now button is pressed the credits will be charged from your account. Now that’s what we call high quality traffic!


12.1 Some Recommended Credit Settings

To make sure you will not pay for your own clicks and those of your employees you have are able to add some personal IP addresses. If clicked from a connection with that IP address it won’t be charged. We also suggest to use the most direct link for the buy now button. Most of the time the people already have decided to buy your product when they have clicked on the But Now button. After that deciding moment its best to make it as easy as possible for them to buy your product!


12.2 Credits Costs Table

Want to buy some credits or like to know a bit more about the costs per click for your product? On this page you can find more details about the cost per credit, total credits cost per click and how to buy them: Credits Overview


12.3 HOW TO: Earn FREE Credits!

Would you like to give it a try without buying some credits? At registration of your expert account you’ll also received a few credits to check our out premium membership services. To earn even more you can make use of our referral program. Here is how that works:

  • Register and get 2 credits!
  • Like us on Facebook and get 1 credit!
  • Follow us on twitter and get 1 credit!
  • Tell a (expert) friend about Get Self Development and get 5 credits!

If you want to get those free credits only use the personalized tracking links which look like this

Referral Program

To get the 5 credits your friend need to have registered an expert account and submitted one of their products. After that you’ll receive those 5 extra credits per expert friend!


13 The Get Self-Development Expert Profile

Having a Get Self-Development Expert Profile is a great way to promote your materials to people who are already looking for personal development materials. A few things you should know is you can register your expert account for free when you meet our experts conditions.
After the creation of your profile fill in your details en decide how you would like to promote your content. There are 4 Expert Membership Types that automatically will be selected on how you choose to promote your products.

Articles and videos will be added to your expert profile. When you really took efforts creating a high quality article or video we might select it to put it on our homepage. Check out the article: How to Create an Article That Has The Most Chance Of Getting on The Front-page


13.1 My Self-Development

After you have filled in all the details in your profile it is time to promote you content. The My Self-Development page will show you an overview of all the content that you might already have added to your profile. From here you can add more.

13.1.1 My Articles

This will be the overview of all your added articles. See a list of your articles. Sort them on name, date, comments and views. See how your article will be displayed to others and edit them if you find this necessary.

13.1.2 My Videos

The same as with the articles this will be an overview of all your added videos. See a list of your videos. Sort them on name, date, comments and views. See how your video will be displayed to others and edit them if you find this necessary. Before adding videos make sure to read the How to Add a Video section.

13.1.3 My Products

This will probably be your most important overview because this is where your money making takes place. See an overview of your products. See the ratings of each product. Add, Remove, Edit each product. Change the type of advertising. Advertise for FREE, use your affiliate program or buy credits and pay per click. If you need some details on adding your products make sure to read the How to Add Your Products section.

13.1.4 My Events

At this moment this is a FREE services where you can put on all your events. In the future we might change this into a paid service so we advise you to make use of it right now while it’s still FREE. It is possible that some agenda items we’ve added ourselves will contain affiliate links. All the current agenda items added by yourself won’t be charged! We’ve tried to make it easy as possible for you to put in your recurring events, fill in your details and even promote them using videos and pictures. Your My events page will display all your added events from all over the world. Our visitors now easily can find out where you’ll have yours and can signup.


14 HOW TO: Create an Article That Has The Most Chance Of Getting on The Front-page

How To Manual

As you can imagine you’ll attract most public and possibly new clients when you have an high quality article that many people will read. If you like to have your article featured on our homepage there are a few things you can do to have more chance getting yours there.

  1. First of all the information that you share needs to be very valuable for the readers of Get Self-Development. If you share your best tips and tricks people will automatically think the other knowledge that you’ll share is of the same or even higher quality. Use this in your advantage!
  2. The information is most important but it also needs to be well formatted to make the article more easy to read. Use titles, sub titles, bullets, short paragraphs, short sentences etc.
  3. Use pictures! You probably have heard this before but pictures are worth a 1000 words. This is said often for a reason. Pictures, and definitively the higher quality pictures make an article so much more attractive. This is absolutely required to get your article on the front-page.
  4. Use links. At Get Self-Development we don’t mind if you use certain kind of links to link to a page which will provide more in depth information about a specific topic.
    Links we love to see are links to:
    -   In depth/informative articles
    -   You tube video’s (preferable to the video via
    -   Customized affiliate product links with the Get Self-Development affiliate id

    Links that are not allowed are links to:
    -   Affiliate links of products that are not your own
    -   Downloadable content that is illegal.
  5. Add the thumbnail picture that can be added below the article field when creating the article. This will also help get more visibility in the overall article overview.
  6. The article will be checked for duplicate content. When you have added an article that is only used on Get Self-Development this will also give you a much higher chance of getting your article on our homepage.
  7. Promote your article beforehand and get a higher amount of views. This will help us notice your article and hopefully using it for on our homepage.
  8. Make sure you have filled in all the information in your profile. If people want to know the author it’s much nicer for them to read a full profile then only a name.
  9. Being active will be rewarded. If you’ll spend your time being an active contributor helping members of our community this also get noticed. We just might reward you with a front page article.
  10. Because so many experts like to be on the FrontPage our Next Level (Affiliate) Experts and Premium(+) (Credit) Experts do get some priority.

We want you to know that it is possible that your article will not be put on the front page for some time. We only have limited space and try to do our best to keep a balance in content, experts, high leverage articles and some other factors.
Because self-development isn’t always time relevant it’s very good possible that we will put one of your older articles on the front page.


15 HOW TO: Add a Video

Video is a great way to get in the spotlight and convey your message. The advantage is when you tell about a topic that is of interest of the viewer it’s much harder for them to skim trough it like is often done with articles. So our advice absolutely is make use of video and add them to your profile! One thing you should know before adding a video is you need to use the correct url for adding them to your profile.

  • For YouTube videos this is:
    Make sure to remove all other information which sometimes is displayed in the link like &feature=player_detailpage or list=XXXXXXXXXXXX&
  • The correct link for Vimeo is: or


16 HOW TO: Add Your Products or Services

Before you can add your own (self-development) products you need to have registered an expert account. Make sure you’ll fill in all your personal information because this is one way how we validate your account. After you have done that you can start adding your products.
You have 3 choices how to advertise your products. These are also explained at the Expert Membership Types but in short it goes like this.

  1. Go to your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right of your screen. Then click on My Self-Development in the blue menu in the middle left of your screen.
  2. This is where you can add all your self-development content like articles, videos, products and events. Now since this is an How to Add Products guide Select Add product…
  3. After you have clicked on Add product you can select your preference of how you would like to advertise your product. You can choose for FREE advertising, Affiliate advertising and Credit advertising using the upper tabs.
  4. After you have chosen the type of advertisement make sure to fill in all the required details.
    We recommend to take some time in making a nice description with a good formatting.
  5. Use pictures and other attachements if possible to increase your sales!
  6. After you have filled in all the details and your product has been validated
  7. make sure to ask your current clients to leave a review.  If you get multiple reviews you might get rewarded with a trustmark! This is the best way to get noticed and get more sales!


17 Traditional Advertising Possibilities

Website Advertising

As you may have noticed is a great way to share your content and attract new clients. You can make use of different types of memberships to advertise your product in the self-help compare overview where your products then can be found.
Now another great but more traditional way is to contact our support and discuss the different possibilities advertising your materials. Check the list below to find out what would work best for you and we will see what we can do for you!


17.1 Homepage

Our homepage will offer various advertising opportunities. Advertising you products here will get you the most "eyeballs" on your articles, videos or products and will help you attract more clients and increase sales! Check the list below to find out where on our homepage you could advertise your content!

17.1.1 Left menu

In the left menu which can be visible on each page of there is a special spot for advertising. Whether this is a link to an article, video or product is up to you! The one thing you can be sure of is that many members of our community will see these links which will help you get more traffic and increase sales.

17.1.2 The Featured Article

The featured article will be one of, if not the most read article of the entire website of This is the first or second article with a picture in front of the title. Having yours on this position will attract you many new clients almost guaranteed.
If you really take some effort creating a very appealing advertisement this advertising spot will increase your sales massively!

17.1.3 The Article Slider

The article slider, which is the larger picture slider on the right of the homepage of is also one of the most seen content of this website. Having an advertisement on this spot is really great to attract more clients. The best of having an advertisement on this position is you can really attract people to your advertisement using an attractive picture on this slider. Because it’s also one of the few bigger and dynamic parts of the website the eye of our visitors get automatically pulled to this article slider and maybe your Advertisement?
Contact our support to discuss the details

17.1.4 The Poll

What’s really nice about the poll and advertising using this poll is you really get people to think about your questions. This will increase involvement and you’ll get more chance to convey your story and attract more clients.

Do you think client involvement can help increase sales?

  • No! Clients don’t want to be involved in what I offer.
  • No! I don’t like to involve clients in what I do.
  • Yes! Absolutely. Most of my clients like to be involved in what I do and it also helps to build more trust.
  • I don’t know

If you choose YES than you know advertising using this poll would be a great way to attract more clients and engage them to learn more about you and your materials. If you choose “I don’t know” maybe you could contact our support and discuss the possibilities to see if a “Poll Advertisement” would also be a great way for you to advertise your content.

17.1.5 Various Banners

The website is setup to feature various banners on our homepage. Currently this is still under construction but feel free to contact our support and discuss further possibilities.


17.2 Advertising on the Get Self-Development Sub-pages

Where the advertising on our homepage is a great way to get the most “eyeballs” on your advertisement. Promoting your content on our subpages is a great way to attract a more targeted public to your materials. Read the list below to find out what advertising would be great for you to increase sales!

17.2.1 Our Suggestions (Articles / Videos)

Under Construction!
These suggestions can be found below each top 5 of this week module on the left of the articles and videos overview pages and specific article or video pages. What’s great about advertising on this position is you can advertise in a real specific category / niche. For example; If you want to advertise your materials only in the Wealth and Finance -> Internet Marketing category your advertisement will only be shown to visitors who are already looking in that category. Overall this means they are more interested in what you have to offer and this overall also means Higher Conversions!

Another big advantage of having your advertising on this position is people will also see your advertisement when reading another article. These are pages where visitors spend more time reading an article or video. When you advertise with a catching title you’ve got a big chance our visitors will click on your advertisements when they are finished with that current article.

17.2.2 Our Suggestions (Products)

Under Construction!
You might already have seen some product advertisements in our self-help compare overview with suggested product advertisements on their own product page. This happens on all FREE product advertisements. The advantage of having your product “suggested” within another product advertisement is you’ll attract clients more easily who are already looking for a similar product like yours. Would you like to advertise your product here? Contact our support!