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Get Gratitude

Get Gratitude

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Get Gratitude Charity Program –  It’s Gratitude That Will Help You Become Successful.

It is Get Self Development's desire to help you improve yourself in the ways you want and need, be that in the arena of health, personal development, finance, or any other area of your life that you feel needs help. Our vision is to help you grow and develop to your full potential. We know the power of the knowledge gained through our wealth of articles, videos and programs, and so we offer to you a platform that will boost your advancement towards your varyious goals, while simultaneously giving aid to those who need it.

As if you need more reasons to jump into the goodness that is self-development, we've created a charity program to link you in to the causes that you are passionate about. Our objective is to give back to those in need and improve their livelihoods.

Admit it -- Some of us are too selfless to spend time on improving ourselves. We know that it is important to be active in our communities and feel this is more important then spending time on the individual needs we struggle with. The great news is it just became very easy to do both!

Get Self Development will donate 10% of our profits to charities we have partnered with. Get Gratitude is a program that we feel serves the individual as well as the world at large; simultaneously! 

They include:



Charity Water

Water is life! Our affiliated charity provides clean water to communities in desperate need of it. They get their hands dirty constructing wells, water bores, tanks, and dams. Our partner charities work to find ways to access clean drinking water at minimum prices. 

Charity Welbeing

Better health is one of the keys to human happiness in most happiness theories, and it also contributes to the economic progress of any nation. Our chosen well-being charities take care of physical, mental, social well-being, rather than just treating disease and infirmity. We've chosen charities who are concerned with all the factors contributing to proper health: income, status, gender, education and literacy, access to health care services, cultural identity, and more.

Charity Wildlife

Conservation protects wildlife and ecosystems that support our lives as we know it. Not only do we protect these precious habitats because their existence keeps our own life-giving systems intact, but out of compassion for living things that share our experience on Planet Earth. Our charities work tirelessly to preserve wildlife, and fight habitat degradation, pollution, and unregulated poaching and hunting.

Charity Wisdom

Our affliliated charities are involved with passing on priceless skills and knowledge in order to boost economic development in communities in need. Knowledge can be bought and sold in affluent societies, but there is a time and place for it to be a human right. 

Charity WorldOur conservationist charities support and protect the vital processes of the natural world. Air, soil, water, and those that grow from it are resources that cannot withstand further oppression, if humans are to seek a future on our planet. Choosing to give to environmental charities is buying stock in your dreams of a beautiful future.

Charity Where its needed Most

Aid may be most urgently needed in a certain category during a certain time. Choosing to give to Where It's Needed Most is for those who feel passionately about all issues and want to support charities who think similarly. A portion of your donation will go to Virgin Unite, one of the charities in this category.



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7 Reasons Why Helping Yourself Achieve Success Helps Everyone

  1. When you sign on to Get Self-Development, this is the first step on your path to achieving your goal. You have taken action! Embarking on that first step will inspire all those with whom you share your discoveries to consider starting on their own path.
  2. The experts registered with us at Get Self-Development have chosen to support one of our six categories of affiliated charities. Upon the sale of a product, 10% of the proceeds are donated to the expert's preferred charity. With this model, you not only invest in yourself, but in the world.
  3. Aiding charities increases coverage for their causes, bringing others to give their support and experience the satisfaction of helping.
  4. As you gain knowledge and guidance from experts, your ability to guide others increases, resulting in an emanation of wisdom in your community.
  5. Supporting our experts enables them to create more valuable materials and provide better mentorship to yourself and to the global community. 
  6. Engaging in our circle connects you with like-minded people, exponentiallly speeding up positive change around the world. 
  7. Donation is only the beginning. We challenge you to devote 10% of your time working with charities in your community. Be the beacon; your wisdom is the catalyst for all the changes you wish to see!

You don't have to change the world: you only have to find the courage to start on your own path to success. It won't be easy, because change takes work. Get Self-Development can provide the structure you need to achieve your dreams.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Get Self-Development involved in charity?

Get Self-Development’s vision is to help others grow and to reach their full potential. The charity is among the ways in which we help others grow and make an impact in their communities. 

Why are the charities split into 6 categories?

The categories mimic the personal development goals that are common among people. These six categories are there to encourage both experts and members to get involved in causes they are passionate about. 

How does Get Self-Development support charities?

At Get Self-Development, we encourage the experts who have their programs listed with us to contribute 10% of their income for products sold through us. We also give 10% of our own income to those charities. In this way, members are contributing to these charities just by buying programs from Get Self-Development. Guests are always encouraged to contribute directly to the charities they discover through us. 

Is money the only way of contribution to charities?

Our goal is to engage our employees and members to contribute at least 10% of their time to causes they are passionate about. We are always looking for new ways to inspire eachother as a community to get and stay involved.

What specific charity causes is Get Self-Development linked to?

Get Self Development has so far linked up with the following charities.
Click on the icons for more details on each cause.

  For our "Water" cause we still look for a partner

Charity Wellbeing  For our "Wellbeing" cause we still look for a partner

  For our "Wildlife" cause we work with Friends of Bonobos!

  For our "Wisdom" cause we work with Educate!

Charity World  For our "World" cause we still look for a partner

Charity Where ever it's Needed Most  For our "Where ever it's Needed Most" cause we work with Virgin Unite!


Know A Charity That Aligns With Our Vision?

We are still looking for partners! Please send us a message if you know of a charity for one of our categories. If you work for a charity and would you like to subscribe your charity and partner with us to create more positive change, we want to hear all about you. 

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