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Vishen Lakiani
This Expert Supports the Charity: Any
Spirituality and Religion
  • Yoga and Meditation
Experience Level(s): Everyone
Product Type: Audio program
Package content: Downloadable Audio
Additional Bonuses: No
Genders: Everyone
Release / Launch Date: Released
$ 299.00 Product Value: $299.00
Money Back Guarantee: 90 days
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Added 09-11

Get more Om in less time Experience the revolutionary audio technology developed by consciousness engineers that evolves your practice in 3 unique ways

Program description:

From hotshot CEOs to world-class athletes to your next-door neighbor, millions of people agree that meditation is awesome.

And whether you’re a seasoned meditation pro, an aspiring Himalayan monk, or even just a curious bystander, we’re sure you’ll agree too.

Because you’ve seen the scientific proof. You’ve heard the countless success stories. And there’s a high chance you or your friends and family already use meditation to focus, relax and melt away stress.

But the big question is…

How can you get all the benefits of meditation?

We’re talking about using meditation to relax like a zen monk. Become a superstar at work. Manifest creative ideas like an artistic prodigy. And enjoy deeper relationships and a thrilling sex life.

The problem is that if you’re like most people, you’re barely scraping the surface. Your busy schedule keeps you from practicing. And when you finally do sit down to meditate, you’re tripped up by mental chatter and restlessness.

But what if there was a better way?

At Mindvalley we’ve just finished working on something amazing: a sizzling hot audio technology that we believe will completely change the way you meditate, and the results you get out of it.

We’ll show you exactly what it is in the next few lines, but first let’s get you inspired by taking a look at…

The 7 amazing things you’ll experience when you get meditation right

  1. Deep, tranquil relaxation that leaves you feeling like a million bucks.
    Need a break from your hectic job, endless to-do lists and demanding friends and family? Studies show that meditation relaxes your muscles and organs, and de-clutters your mind. The result is total mind and body rejuvenation, and near-immunity to the stress and pressure of everyday life.

  2. A profound mind-body connection that empowers you to create healthier habits.
    Want to shake off an unhealthy habit like snacking or smoking? Looking to alleviate pain or a specific illness? Hundreds of studies have shown that meditation leads to better health and healthier habits. In fact in August 2003, Time Magazine highlighted a variety of studies proving meditation’s positive impact on physical and mental health.

  3. Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that help you solve any challenge and shine at work or school.
    People who meditate claim it helps them pull creative ideas, inspiring works of art and brilliant solutions to everyday problems—seemingly out of thin air. The result is often promotions and raises at work, and good grades at school. Richard Bach, the author of the iconic book Jonathan Livingston Seagull, used meditation for the inspiration to finish his masterpiece.

  4. A deeper connection with the people around you.
    Meditation strengthens your connection with the people around you, and helps you empathize with them. Need to resolve an argument with your partner? Connect with your troubled teenager? Negotiate with a boss or co-worker? Try meditating first.

  5. Toe-curling, mind-blowing sex with your partner.
    Want to be more adventurous in bed? Want sex to be more than just a physical experience? Couples who meditate claim it helps them overcome their inhibitions, and connect on both a physical and spiritual level. You could call it Viagra for the soul.
    A recent study found improvements in desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, erection and ejaculatory control after 12 weeks of daily 1-hour yoga sessions, followed by meditative breathing exercises.

  6. A magnetic attraction to wealth and success.
    Companies like Apple, Google and even Mindvalley ourselves have known this for years: sitting down to meditate every day can do wonders for your bottom line. Maybe it’s the enhanced creativity and problem solving. Maybe it’s the laser-sharp focus. Or maybe it’s because meditation trains you to discover hidden wealth opportunities that are often hiding in plain sight.

  7. A deeper sense of self-awareness and a connection to your unique purpose.
    Everyone has a unique set of strengths that make them perfect for a specific purpose: whether it’s to serve the less fortunate, invent an idea or device that changes the world, or even just to make people smile. When you meditate, you gain a deeper understanding of what this purpose is, and what you must do to achieve it. No more feeling lost, stuck or unfulfilled.


Say hello to OmHarmonics—the future of meditation.

Hold on a second, OmHar-what?

OmHarmonics is a next-generation binaural beats meditation audio technology.

And unlike other existing meditation audios, it’s augmented with heartbeat synchronization and ambient sound technology that’s so advanced, it belongs 50 years in the future with flying cars and robotic butlers.

In plain English, that means you listen to an OmHarmonics audio on your computer or mp3 player, and you effortlessly enter and stay in the Alpha level – all in a matter of minutes, and all with ZERO struggle, practice, experience or equipment.

It’s as easy and natural as blinking your eyes. It’s meditation like you’ve never experienced it before.


At the core of OmHarmonics is 3 proprietary technologies that you won’t find anywhere else.

  1. Get your mind and body into the optimal meditative zone with NeuralSync Technology
    By synchronizing your mind, body and soul, OmHarmonics quickly and easily gets you in the zone—without the pesky restlessness or mental chatter. The key lies in our innovative blend of binaural beats, audible heart beats and breathing sounds.
  2. Enter Alpha within minutes with Intelligent Guided Flow Technology
    When you’ve had a particularly busy or tiring day, your wandering mind can make it tough to enter Alpha. OmHarmonics eliminates this problem by recognizing and aligning with your current brainwaves, so you can enjoy an instantly immersive and resistance-free meditation session.
  3. Make your meditation orgasmic with Mind Tunes.
    Unlike other meditation audios that use jarring and sometimes unpleasant sounds, OmHarmonics infuses consciousness engineering technology into beautifully arranged tunes. The result is an awesome listening experience that makes meditation the highlight of your day. Some might even call it orgasmic.


6 reasons why OmHarmonics is different from other meditation audios:

  1. Our unique brainwave technology gives you deep, effortless, enjoyable meditation in minutes. You won’t find this level of results anywhere else.
  2. Unlike other time-consuming meditation aids, OmHarmonics lets you meditate like a monk even during your lunch break. Choose between a 15-minute or 30-minute variant of each track.
  3. Heroic Customer Support comes standard. Whether you’re looking for tips or help with your order, our cheerful team of meditation advisors has always got your back.
  4. OmHarmonics audios are engineered for seamless playback on your iPod, iPad or any other multimedia player. No more fiddling around with labels and file formats.
  5. You’ll enjoy unrestricted access to a vibrant global community of meditation enthusiasts. Why attempt to master meditation alone when you’ve got thousands of people waiting to connect and help you out?
  6. OmHarmonics is proudly published by Mindvalley. We pride ourselves in publishing only the hottest, most transformational content in the industry. You’re in good hands.


There’s an Om master in you itching to get out.

A you who’s more calm, creative and intuitive. A you with a loving soulmate, and a sexy and healthy body. A you with all the abundance you need to live on your own terms, and give back to society.

A you who’s used meditation to take your life to the next level.

And the way we see it, you’ve got four options to get in touch with that you:

  1. Spend thousands of dollars every month on an expensive meditation coach.
  2. Try figuring out meditation by yourself, and spend hours every day practicing, hoping one day you’ll get it right.
  3. Shave your head, give up your job and worldly possessions, say goodbye to your friends and family and banish yourself to a remote Himalayan monastery.
  4. Be one of the first people in the world to experience OmHarmonics meditation audio technology—and get into deep, perfect meditation within minutes.


Our advice? Do yourself a favor and pick option 4. Order your digital copy of the OmLife meditation audio collection, and start  listening to the future of meditation.


Terms Of Payments Details:

First installment $149.50 (Charged now with this purchase) - Second installment $149.50 (Charged after 30 days from first payment)

Publishing Company:
Mind Valley

Publishing Expert:
Vishen Lakiani

Delivery Information:

Tel:1 888 597 8384
E-mail: support@omharmonics.com
Web: http://www.mindvalley.com/contact?sid=oh

Payment Method:

Pay Pal
Credit card


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