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Spirituality and Religion
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Personal Development
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Experience Level(s): Everyone
Product Type: Audio program
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Love or Above

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Ever noticed how some uncannily ‘lucky’ people can almost effortlessly attract good things into their lives? At work, they get all the opportunities. They lead social movements in their communities. They’re spiritual, yet also have a healthy relationship with money. Their relationships are consistently blissful, and they’re always in the pink of health.

Program description:

If you’re like most people, life is a mixture of good days and bad days. You may not be poor or sick, but you worry about your money and health a little more often than you’d like. You long for the time and freedom to live life on your own terms. You wish you were better at manifesting your goals.And so you’ve probably wondered to yourself on more than a few occasions, “what does it take to be one of those lucky people?”
The answer lies in a fascinating phenomenon known as your personal energetic frequency

The idea that energy or vibrations can influence a person’s reality is nothing new. Throughout history, different cultures have benefitted by tapping into and working with different forms of energy. For thousands of years, the Chinese have practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi to get their energy moving for health and relaxation.

In India, people have sought after Kundalini energy and awakened it for self-awareness, a deeper
understanding of consciousness and the Universe, and pure joy, knowledge, and love.

In Japan, Reiki has healed countless people simply by working with their personal energy fields.

But in recent years, breakthrough scientific studies have taken this belief one step further, by
discovering that every person on the planet possesses what is known as a personal energetic frequency—a form of energy that dictates what kind of circumstances and events we will attract into our lives.

Package Contents:

·  6 Modules of ‘*Love Or Above Spiritual ToolKit*’ with 12 powerful spiritual tools
·  Companion Workbook

Additional bonuses:

• In-depth Insights Intimate Interviews with Christie Marie on the Future Purpose of Humanity and Your Role Today • Love or Above Transcript Series Transcriptions in PDF for All Modules & Bonus Interviews


Terms Of Payments Details:

Pay in 2 easy installments

Publishing Company:
Mind Valley

Publishing Expert:
Christie Marie Sheldon

Delivery Information:

E-mail: support@loveorabove.com
Web: http://www.mindvalley.com/contact?sid=loa

Payment Method:

Pay Pal
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