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Brian Tracy
This Expert Supports the Charity: Any
Love and Relationships
  • Parenting
Experience Level(s): Everyone
Product Type: Audio program
Package content: Others
Additional Bonuses: Yes
Genders: Everyone
Release / Launch Date: Released
$ 97.00 Product Value: $212.00
Money Back Guarantee: 1 year
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Happy Healthy Kids

Added 12-17

Internationally known best-selling author, sales trainer, speaker and father of four children, Brian Tracy asks… “Do You Know the Secrets to Raising Super Kids?” Finally, A Simple, Easy, Straightforward System, Guaranteed To Make You A Better Parent… Real No Bull Facts On Raising Super Kids, Explained In Simple Terms By One Of The World’s Top Training Experts! At Last, Someone Has Unlocked the Secret of Successful Parenting!

Program description:

This program focuses on how to raise happy, healthy and self confident children. As a parent you want to establish communication, discipline, and obedience without coming across as a third world dictator. Whether you realize it or not your kids want you to make the rules for them. They expect you to care, nurture and teach them.

Believe it or not, subconsciously kids want you to provide a set of guidelines so they will have some structure in their lives. Do you want to discover the secrets to raising HAPPY, Obedient, and Self-Confident Kids?Don’t you want your children to grow up and have a wonderful life?

Of course you do.

Like most parents, you want the best for you children. You want them to be happy. You want them to be self-confident. You want them to succeed in life. This programs shows a step to step guide on how to achieve this and it comes with bonus programs that help you in developing yourself too.

Package Contents:
Training Kit - 1 6-cd set, 3 single CD's, 1 e-book, 1 mp3

Additional bonuses:

BONUS GIFT #1: Kiss That Frog! E-book / MP3 In my first collaborative book with my daughter Christina, you’ll discover 12 great ways to turn negatives into positives in your life and work! BONUS GIFT #2: 21 Great Ways to Stay in Love Forever Mp3 A fun and rewarding learning experience for building and maintaining happy, loving relationships your whole life long!


Publishing Company:
Brian Tracy International

Publishing Expert:
Brian Tracy

Delivery Information:

E-mail: support@briantracy.com
Web: http://www.briantracy.com/About/contact_us.aspx

Payment Method:

Credit card
Pay Pal


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