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Arielle Ford
This Expert Supports the Charity: Any
Wealth and Finance
  • Business Development
  • Internet and Marketing
Experience Level(s): Everyone
Product Type: Video program
Package content: Others
Additional Bonuses: Yes
Genders: Everyone
Release / Launch Date: Released
$ 997.00 Product Value: $5885.00
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Pay in Terms: Yes
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Everything You Should Know

Added 12-17

Imagine, you being introduced as or you signing off your emails, letters and business cards with... [Your Name Here], #1 Bestselling Author

Program description:

“How To Become A Recognized And Celebrated Full-Time Six, Even Seven-Figure Bestselling Author Sharing Your Message On TV, Radio And Stages Everywhere…

“Even If You Can’t Write, Haven’t Started Or Only Have An’Inkling’ Of An Idea…
You Can Get Paid To Start Your Book FAST
(When I Give You Insider Access To The Publishing World)”


The Core Basic Course:
Everything You Should Know About Book Publishing, Promoting And Publicity

There are five video interviews in the Core Basic Course in Everything You Should Know. They are…

  1. Everything You Should Know About… The Publishing Game
  2. Everything You Should Know About… Building A Platform
  3. Everything You Should Know About… Everything You Should Know about Becoming A Highly Sought-After Speaker
  4. Everything You Should Know About… Publicity & Promotion
  5. Everything You Should Know About… Selling Your Book Online

These five videos are everything you need to get started.

However… if you’re serious about selling millions of copies of your books, getting your message out to as many people as possible, changing as many lives as possible

And making a six, even seven figure income as an expert-author-speaker while having the time of your lifein the FASTEST, POSSIBLE WAY…

You need to review my nine video interview series (included in this package):

Fast Track To Number One Send Your Book To Bestseller Status Even Faster

In the Fast Track To #1 Course (included inside your Everything You Should Know package) you will get the secrets to…

  1. Interview With The “Bestseller Maker”: How To Hit #1 On Amazon The Day Your Book Comes Out
  2. Promote Your Book On TV, Radio & Print For Free
  3. Book Proposal Secrets
  4. How To Get A Six Figure Advance
  5. Perfecting Your Message & The Writer’s Mindset
  6. Using Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to Build A Loyal Audience
  7. How to Get Your Press Releases & Articles Picked Up
  8. Finding A Top Literary Agent That’s Right For You
  9. Creating The Career Of Your Dreams

I’m Also Including…
Proven Samples Of Everything, And Recordings
of The Book Marketing Event of 2010 & 2011

f you add it all up, the Everything You Should Know package (which includes the “Fast Track to #1″ Advanced Course and ALL the recordings from the last TWO years of the 21st Century Book Marketing event, is worth a total of $5,885.

There’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t charge $5,885 for the knowledge in this package. After all, several would-be authors (including myself) have taken out second mortgages, begged our family for money and carried huge debt… just to put our books in print… only to discover the Publishing Game is a whole other beast waiting to eat us alive.

And while the experience gave me a “street MBA” in publishing... (launching an exciting 20 year career working with Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and so many more)… I would not wish the same horrifying self-publishing experience on my worst enemies.

And I certainly do not want you to go through the same trial-and-error with your book.

If you’re serious at all about becoming a FULL-TIME #1 bestselling author, you already know… you need this course. And that’s why I will be providing you with an incredibly generous discount. (More than 83% OFF!)

And when you truly think about the value of you investing in Everything You Should Know…

  • It’s less than…  a very small print run of your book…
  • It’s less than…  sending out a few proper press release campaigns…
  • It’s less than…  all the paper, ink and Starbucks coffee you’ve consumed (or will consume) in writing your book so far…

All of which… will be “work in vain” if you don’t know how to get your book out there, published and promoted the right way. (Remember, you only have three weeks to sell your book before the stores send it back and call it a “failure”!)

Of course… I know money is tight. We’ve only just started to recover from this economy and I want to make sure as many authors as possible can get their hands on Everything You Should Know.

That’s why I’m also offering a “stripped-to-the-core” version of Everything You Should Know… The “Gold Edition”. It still has everything you need to navigate the Publishing Game… you may just not get there as quickly.

However, when you review the two packages , I’m sure you’ll find what’s the “best fit” for you.

Let’s review what’s inside the Everything You Should Know package…

1. The Publishing Game
2. Building A Platform
3. Becoming A Highly Sought-After Speaker
4. Publicity & Promotion
5. Selling eBooks Online
The “FAST TRACK TO #1″ COURSE (Value $1,997):
1. The Bestseller Internet Marketing Strategy
2. Promote Your Book On TV, Radio, And Print For FREE
3. Book Proposal Secrets
4. How To Get A Six Figure Advance
5. Perfecting Your Message & The Writer’s Mindset
6. Using Facebook, Twitter & YouTube To Build A Loyal Audience
7. How To Get Your Press Releases & Articles Picked Up
8. Finding A Top Literary Agent That’s Right For You
9. Creating The Career of Your Dreams
THE EYSK MANUAL (Value $997):
1. Interview Transcripts (All 14 For Platinum, 5 For Gold)
2. Samples For Queries, Proposals, Press Releases & More
BEST-SELLING Author Video Presentations (Value $497):
21st Century Book Marketing – Videos (Value $397):

When you invest in Everything You Should Know, I will give you every tool and tactic to make the BIGGEST sound possible with your book.

Get Everything You Should Know now. Click on the link now…

Additional bonuses:

• BONUS FREE GIFT #1 – Video Training (Value $997) How To Make Millions As An Author On Stage With Mike Koenigs • BONUS FREE GIFT #2 – Video Interview (Value PRICELESS) How Tim Ferriss Became A Two-Time NY Times #1 Bestselling Author • BONUS FREE GIFT #3 (Value $97) Mike Koenig’s Speed Reading Course By Mike Koenigs • BONUS FREE GIFT #4 – Questionnaire (Value $27) Harvey Mackay 66 Questionnaire By Harvey Mackay • BONUS FREE GIFT #5 & #6 One Month Access (Value $97 each, Total Value $194) One Month Access to Instant Customer AND Traffic Geyser • BONUS FREE GIFT #7 (Value $47/tele-class) Book Marketing Tele-Class • BONUS FREE GIFT #8 (Value $97) Mastering Storytelling—The Lost Art of Powerful Persuasion


Terms Of Payments Details:

Platinum Package 3-Payment Plan Each payment of $397 will be charged to your card for 3 consecutive months.

Publishing Company:
Bradley Communications Corp.

Publishing Expert:
Arielle Ford

Delivery Information:

E-mail: CustService@EYSKTraining.com
Web: http://everythingyoushouldknow.com/contact-us/

Payment Method:

Credit card


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