Forum Most effective daily rituals to become and stay successful!


Most effective daily rituals to become and stay successful!

Get Self-Development Hotshot 2016-08-27 07:24:47

Most effective daily rituals to become and stay successful!

Hi Friends,

As many of us know, there are several ways to become more effective in life. Lots of articles are describing new ways to fix an issue and get to a certain outcome.

Because I think of myself sometimes to be a bit of a lazy person I prefer to do only the things that take the least effort and has the best outcome… Maybe that’s why is created in the first place. Compare to Find out what really works and only do the things that are told in the best programs to achieve your desired outcome?

I think that a lot has to do with willpower… We think that if we want to achieve a goal we need enough willpower to finally achieve what we want. In a way this is true but I also think willpower cost a lot of energy. And because I’m a lazy guy I want to achieve my goals with the least effort.

That’s why I want to talk to you about daily rituals. If we would spend our time and willpower creating daily rituals that would eventually get us the outcome we want, this would help us achieve our goals more effectively…

To start at the foundation and only invest our precious willpower on the most effective rituals I think it’s good to find out what your daily rituals are…

Please answer these 4 questions.

- What are your daily rituals?
- Why do you do them?
- When do you do them?
- How long do you do them?

Let’s make a collection of all kind of rituals which we will then categorize and research together. Which are best? What’s the best time to do them? How long should I do them? And so on… When we've collected some insightful data we will create a FREE eBook for you with the results...

I don’t know if it’s me but I almost can’t wait to see what those effective and/or easy to do rituals are smiley

Gordon Follower 2016-08-27 07:24:47

Hey Patrique, thanks for a nice share.

I enjoyed reading about the most effective daily rituals and looking forward follow these rituals to become successful.

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