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Employee Development Programs

traitskills Friend 2016-09-24 12:04:19

Employee Development Programs

Dharma Life's technology develops Trait Skills for employees' unbalanced behavioral traits. An unbalanced trait hinders the employee from achieving both organizational goals as well as their individual goals. The technology is based on how genes, environment and mind cause unbalanced traits, as well as the method for balancing those traits. Dharma balances traits through the following research-based actions:

  • Physical actions: Change the required hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Dietary actions: Provide the precursors for the required hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Brain actions: Alter the brain wiring that subconsciously creates the unbalanced trait
  • Mind actions: Cause a change in the trait at both the conscious as well as the subconscious levels
  • Real world actions: Make the changes permanent by integrating it into real life

Dharma's Trait Skill technology is implemented through employee development programs including workshops, mentoring and software apps. The desired organizational behavior change is achieved through specific personal trait development programs for the selected employees that are critical for achieving the organizational goal. Dharma Life Programs are further described below.

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