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Discussion Board Guide

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Discussion Board Guide

The Get Self-Development Forum is a place where many members and active visitors can get and share their knowledge. With the huge amount of visitors a day you maybe can imagine we need some rules to keep this forum of the best quality possible.

It is possible you may find some rules exaggerated but, in practice, we find that these rules are necessary to keep the forum livable. The rules of the Get Self-Development forum are based upon our Terms and Conditions.

On average you can say that we expect that every visitor uses its common sense and shows respect to his or hers fellow forum visitor.

The General Policy leaves certain items unspoken which aren’t specific belonging to the rules but are imported to be mentioned. This are cases related to how this forum can be used, how the forum software works, about the organization behind Get Self-Development and what you could do after a ban. These are a few of the subjects which are handled in the Forum FAQ.

Both the Forum FAQ and this guide are still beeing further expanded and developed in time.
To help you give a better overview of how we would like to work together.


Before you start your discussions and open a topic.

First do your own research.

Possibly visit the website of the supplier of the product you might have a question about.

Search for other solutions for your problems with the help of search-sites like Google, and look first if your problem hasn’t been mentioned on the Get Self-Development Forum with the help of our own search.

Read our Forum-FAQ.

Pick the correct subforum.

Read the policy and the FAQ of the different subforum about the house rules and common problems if available.


A good topic Start: The Quick Start

To give your topic as much possible chance for other visitors that could help you it has been found that you can best follow the following checklist. This checklist will also be referred as the "quickstart".

Always stick with this quickstart when opening a topic. It is not only easy for yourself to make use of this guidance, but you also will prevent all kinds of annoyances and spare a lot of your time and that from others.

Make sure you are familiar with the General Policy

Make up a good topic title which describes the content as much as possible.

(So don’t make your topics titles to general but use specific words to describe the subject.)

When dealing with an issue first try to describe the problem

After writing down the issue try to describe what you think the issue could be.

Then specify what you already have done to solve your problem. Make sure to try to describe all you’ve done so other won’t try to help you with information you already know and have done.

Specify why you think your solutions didn’t work. If you understand why these didn’t work try to describe this. If you don’t understand why then you could create a “subquestion” in your topicstart.

When you’ve explained everything the best possible summarize your problem and conclude this with your final question.

Post your question in only one topic in one forum.

So called “crossposting” isn’t desired when you are not sure if you have opened  the topic in the right forum. When you are not sure where to post your topic contact a moderator.

Discussion and statements

If you want to start a topic when you don’t really have a question but want to raise a certain subject to discuss, then it is meaning to describe a clearly reasoned statement or opinion in your topicstart so that there can arise a discussion.


Your topic has been closed

It can happen that despite of your good intentions a topic will be closed. Don’t get frustrated and don’t open a new angry topic. Often it isn’t that unfair. In the closing comment will be described what went wrong and what you can do better the next time. Read these comments first, read the links to the FAQ’s, the search of Google and follow the given advise.

Opening a new topic where you are complaining about the closure of your topic won’t do anyone good. Preferably contact the moderator who closed you topic by mail, or a Personal Message, or look in the subforum if there is a sticky topic where you can reply on closed topics.


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