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Dharma Life Sciences - Achieving Goals through Neuroscience

traitskills Friend 2018-06-09 06:44:17

Dharma Life Sciences - Achieving Goals through Neuroscience

Dharma Life Sciences | Personal and Professional Development Company

Are you achieving your goals?

Everyone has personal and professional goals. Despite our best efforts, we can find ourselves unable to reach the level of achievement/fulfillment that we envision. So, what are we missing?

Our research has shown, that because of our genes and environment, some neural connections in our brain are not as strong as they should be. These connections are usually associated with one or more traits like creativity, openness, confidence, and perfectionism. Not having the required strength of a neural connection, and thereby not having the optimum trait-strength prevents us from achieving our goals. Dharma’s technology takes advantage of brain plasticity in making these connections stronger so that we can achieve success.

Dharma’s programs are based on extensive research integrating multiple disciplines and on three fundamental concepts.

  • To achieve a goal, one must have the necessary competencies
  • To have a competency, one must strengthen one or more traits
  • To have a strong trait, the strength of a neural connection must be appropriate


Dharma currently offers programs that address the professional needs of leaders, entrepreneurs, students, as well as the personal needs of wellness enthusiasts.

Why our program?

Dharma provides a money back guarantee that there will be a minimum of 25% improvement in a competency that is critical to achieving your goal. You control the determination of both the competency and the measurement of the improvements made by the Dharma program. Not us. Dharma’s research results have been peer- reviewed and published.

Hours Weeks Efforts

How long is the program?

Dharma's programs require less than 30 hours of effort spread across 8 weeks. The programs are flexible as it is based on using a mobile app whenever you are free, and a limited number of telephone mentoring sessions. The upside is a dramatic improvement in competencies important to achieving your goals.

How Long Is The Program

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