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Sales Like You’ve Never Heard Before!

Connie Podesta 12-17

Let me say this loud and clear. I absolutely LOVE speaking to sales groups. Any kind of sales. Franchise sales. Corporate Sales. Real Estate Sales. Insurance Sales. Direct Sales. Financial Sales. You name it. Why? Because, unlike many jobs– salespeople have the power to impact their earnings in a very measurable way.  As a result, they are passionate about learning just about everything they can.  New strategies for closing the deal.  Techniques to use to “ask for the money”.  Ways to connect with new customers.  Ideas to keep the customers they have happy and satisfied.   Effective communication skills.  All of it. I love to feel their excitement every time I walk on the stage to motivate and challenge a sales group to reach even higher levels of success.

But what I LOVE the most is teaching my audiences about sales in an entirely different way than most have ever heard before.

Let’s face it.  There are hundreds of speakers, books, audio tapes, and seminars on…SALES.  The six keys, the seven steps, you name it.  And you’ve heard it all before.  What I want to do is to bring my audiences an entirely NEW AND DIFFERENT approach to sales — not just the same old stuff. The secret really is psychology.  Today’s salespeople need more than six keys or five steps to compete and succeed at the levels they want to be.  First, they need to be able to understand themselves – and their strengths and limitations when it comes to their “sales” persona.

Truth be told, most salespeople make excuses for not closing the deal—the top five being:  price, product, economy, territory and marketing/advertising.  If only the price was cheaper.  The product better.  The economy more affluent.  Their territory more productive.  Or better marketing for the product.  Then…everything would be just fine.

But my customer interviews and research shows that’s not usually the case at all.  Customers say the number one reason they don’t close the deal is… (Drum-roll Please)…they didn’t like the salesperson for some reason.  They didn’t trust them.  Believe in them.  Feel comfortable with them.  Have fun with them.  Like them. Respect them.  Or connect with them.  OUCH!  As a salesperson I know how it feels to think it could possibly be US that’s the problem.   One of the hardest things for any of us in sales to admit is this…sometimes it is our own personality that gets in the way of making the sale. But as hard as it is to admit this, it is even more empowering to recognize that if it is our approach or style that is sometimes the problem, then WE also have the power to fix it.  When I teach audiences how to recognize the parts of their personality that bring a potential customer closer to the deal and the other parts that may turn them away—it is a very powerful moment.

The second most important part of helping my audiences increase their sales is when I dig deep into the personality, habits, and attitudes of today’s buyers so salespeople can understand why people do the things they do, say the things they say, act the way they act, but most importantly why they BUY the way they buy. Each person has a buying style that incorporates many things:  their attitudes, values, comfort levels, personality style, etc.  I teach my audiences techniques that will allow them to recognize the buying style and habits of a potential buyer so they know better how to communicate and present the service or product they are selling.  It’s so much fun to watch even the top salespeople in a company learn strategies that can work with customers who would have normally walked away from the sale.

Psychology is amazing.  In fact I don’t believe that people can ever sell to their highest potential without understanding how it works in the sales arena because sales is totally about connecting with people.  And to do that successfully one must understand human behavior as it applies to sales.  The psychology of sales is the catalyst for building a sales foundation like you’ve never had before.  When I see the light bulbs go off in my audience once they realize, “Ah-ha! That’s how I find the hand-raisers or close for the sale.”  Or “so that’s why I never heard back from them,” or “Now I get why they went somewhere else,”—that’s when I know they are on their way to reaching customers they never reached before.  Closing deals that never happened before.  Connecting with new prospects that they never would have discovered before.  And feeling more successful than ever before.  Now that’s priceless, right?



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