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How to Magnetize Money

Robert Anthony 12-17

Money magnetism starts by convincing yourself at the very deepest level of your being that when it comes to money, there is no lack, no unfairness, no discrimination, and that making money isn't difficult. When you do this your financial world will shift. This is because you are becoming pro-active at collapsing your self-denial, aversions, resentment, fear, doubt and worry towards money.

You will flip from the insecure ill-defined state that worries about money to one that KNOWS it can create as much money as it desires.

You move from "Where am I going to get the money to make my next car payment?" to KNOWING that the money you need for your car payment, or anything else, will be there as sure as the sun rises every day.

In collapsing your money dysfunction, you open yourself to endless points of creating more wealth. This simple "flick of the mind" opens the door.

Start today with KNOWING that there is nothing that can stand in your way of creating unlimited wealth.

To really DO something to create wealth, from this point on you've got to agree that abundance and wealth is natural. You can't look at abundance and wealth with anger or envy when you see others earning and enjoying it went so many others, including yourself, are doing without.

Remember, you create more of whatever you focus on. Whatever you are experiencing in your life right now is what you have been focusing on either consciously or unconsciously - no exceptions.

Money magnetism is about refocusing your energy on creating wealth, not worrying about not having it or resenting others who have it.

Money is part of your spiritual journey. It's a part of the self-realization seminar you signed up for in this lifetime. The money seminar you signed up for when you came to this planet is just that; a seminar. Like any seminar, it has many useful lessons. If you learn those lessons and apply what you are learning money will never be an issue for you again for the rest of your life - so expect the best from your money seminar.

Money magnetism series is part of your life money seminar. You can do this if you truly "get" and apply what you are learning! Money magnetism is about cash flow. Everybody wants cash flow but the question is how can we get more cash to flow to us?

Cash will always flow to individuals and businesses that solve problems.

The key to massive wealth is to position yourself as the most sought after person in your business, marketplace or company your work for as the ultimate "problem solver". People will literally throw money at you if you have the ability to identify their pressing problems - and then become the solution. It is that simple.

Keep in mind if you are working for someone else, the only reason you are making the amount of money you are now is because you have not made yourself overqualified for that position by solving your company's immediate problems. You may resist this idea, but it is the truth. You are getting paid what you are worth to your company, whether you agree with it or not.

If your business is not prospering it is simply because you are not solving enough pressing problems.

Ask yourself this question, "What solution can I offer to people who have a specific desire, a specify craving or a specific yearning?"

Solving problems is the "secret" to all wealth creation. Ask Bill Gates and he will tell you that is how he made his BILLIONS! You can do it too!

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