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Lisa Ford 02-16 Create a Customer Experience that Builds Loyalty

In the best of all worlds, happy customers mean loyal customers. Loyal customers talk, create buzz and can be an advocate that

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Lisa Ford 12-17 The 4 Customer “Must Haves”

Let me state the obvious – customers are very demanding and extremely tough to satisfy. The best companies are trying to

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Lisa Ford 12-17 Does Attitude Matter? Customers and Employees Think So. What About You?

We’ve all heard the platitudes about having a positive attitude. Does it really make a difference in the workplace? 

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Lisa Ford 12-17 The Four Strategies for Customer Service Leadership

The best customer service organizations have many things in common. I believe the most important is that leadership focuses on c

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Lisa Ford 12-17 Customer Experience Counts

Customer experience is a tough concept to define. It is designed and delivered by the company yet defined by the customer. Acc

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Mark Ling 12-17 What if I had to start again?

Hi everyone,   I recently received a question from one of my students and I thought I'd answer it here as a blog po

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Mark Ling 12-17 Holes in Clickbank's upcoming Marketplace Ratings

From January 2nd, Clickbank will be introducing a new marketplace ratings feature to their affiliate program listings. This s

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Mark Ling 12-17 Quality unique content for cheap?

Hi everyone, Creating a high quality niche website, one that is very useful for the visitors, usually requires articles and/o

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Mark Ling 12-17 Tips for Selling to the Affluent

Hi everyone, As part of my regular research and learning time that I spend each week, I've been reading Dan Kennedy's

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Mark Ling 12-17 10 Headlines to Boost Your Opt In Rates

Hi Everyone, If you have an opt in box on your website giving away a free report, or 6 part video series, or free software...

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Mark Ling 12-17 2 Strong Email Promotion Plans

This blog post will be of interest to those of you who are already running your own newsletter list as it shows you a couple of

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Mark Ling 12-17 A rough organic growth plan for niche websites

Hi Everyone, Recently I've been making notes about an organic growth plan for several of my niche product websites. I

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Mark Ling 12-17 How to boost your Facebook Edgerank - 9 Key Tips

If you're someone who has a Facebook fanpage and you wonder why it doesn't seem to be getting much visibility among the

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Mark Ling 12-17 Using Psychological Tactics in your marketing

A while ago I ran a live teleseminar with Mark Joyner from about how to use powerful human psychological fact

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Connie Podesta 12-17 How to Increase Sales Even in Tough Times!

Is your sales team crying the “tough times” blues? “I can’t sell in this economy.” “The buye

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Paul Evans 12-17 7 Ways to Write Great Blog Headlines

Writing great blog headlines can be difficult, which is why many bloggers simply don’t bother to do it. However, if you&rs

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Paul Evans 12-17 Niche Marketing

Every Profitable Site Does This – Do You? Every single site on the Internet that makes money does two things&helli

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Paul Evans 12-17 The Affiliate L.I.S.T. Strategy 01

Welcome to “The Affiliate L.I.S.T. Strategy” I’m really excited about this report. And that’s because

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Paul Evans 12-17 Refund Mentality

Today we finished a week of fun work. Wednesday and Thursday were spent with the Big Game Plan Players . There are few thi

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Dean Graziosi 12-17 How to Avoid Property Tax Lien

There are two ways of losing your house, one is foreclosure and the other is property tax lien. Almost all of the realt

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Paul Evans 12-17 Press Release Distribution Checklist

Press Release Distribution & Publication Checklist You’ve put together the perfect press release. Now what do you d

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Dean Graziosi 12-17 How to Get Out of a Contract

Written agreements are sacred legal documents in real estate as well as in any other business. They contain all of the

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Paul Evans 12-17 Press Release Instructions

Press Release Instruction A well-formatted press release has 7 main components. These instructions will help you put together

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Dean Graziosi 12-17 Due Diligence: All That You Must Know

Due Diligence are the legal steps taken by someone in order to accomplish all legal matters associated with buying or s

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Paul Evans 12-17 Sales Funnel Part 1

Online Sales Funnel:  Practical Research and Planning Online marketing is changing faster than Lady Gaga’s wigs&he

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