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Using Psychological Tactics in your marketing

Mark Ling 12-17

A while ago I ran a live teleseminar with Mark Joyner from about how to use powerful human psychological factors in your marketing.

I wanted to get Mark Joyner on this particular teleseminar because he is a well known expert in the field of 'mind control marketing' and has spent years researching and testing the different ways that psychological factors play out in marketing.

Whether you like it or not, influence plays a strong part in our daily lives, whether parents are influencing their children to do the right thing, or politicians are influencing you to vote for them.

What you'll learn here is a LOT of valuable information about how the human mind works and how to use it to your advantage to ethically turbo charge your sales and conversion rates.

This is definitely a must-listen-to audio recording and while it has been on my guruviews page for quite some time, I decided to re-post it to my blog today for the many of you who have never listened to this call before.

Click here to be taken to the page where you can listen to the Mark Joyner 'How to Use Mind Control in Your Marketing' interview.




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