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Sage advice for growing your tribe of followers

Sage Lavine 12-17

I used to be terrified to send emails to you through my database.  Sometimes I still feel butterflies in my stomach when I consider what I actually want to say to you.  There are over 25,000 of you now, and growing all the time.

It’s easier for me to lead a workshop where I actually see you in person.  The online thing has stretched me.  Yet, it has brought a freedom and abundance to my life that I wish for you, if you want that.

Now I can work from anywhere and set my own hours, and there’s no limit to how much money I can make (scary!)  I go where I want, when I want, with whom I want… which I believe is true success.

And it’s all a result of having a mailing list, a tribe and treating them like a close friend, like family.

Above is a picture of our Entrepreneurial Leadership team as we checked into our ocean view retreat center last week… and below a picture of our clients doing a blessing on each other.  It feels like family to be with these ladies, which is so fulfilling.

So, the first tip for growing your tribe is to treat your potential clients like family.

When you communicate with the world, whether it’s on Facebook or with your mailing list, share as if you’re talking to one person… more specifically, someone you love… someone you’ve loved working with.

Get intimate with people.  Share what is really going on for you, be vulnerable and credible… share how you’ve helped people.

The second tip for growing your tribe is to allow yourself to bring more credibility than you feel comfortable bringing.

Be credible… Brag.  Yes brag!

You might be asking… “Brag in public? What!?!?  Sage, I can’t do that!”

I can assure you that if you’re in my tribe you probably hang out WAY too far on the side of humility… it’s time to unleash the part of you that KNOWS you have changed peoples’ lives, and share it.

That brings me to the third tip for growing your tribe: Stop telling people about your modality.

People don’t care what your modality is.  They care if you can help them.

Before you let yourself want to chop my head off and defend your modality… hear me out.  (I know your modality rocks!  I’m a certified hypno-reiki-shamaness-eft-xyz too… and it’s changed my life many times over!)  But really, your modality sounds like a foreign language to most people.

And in all seriousness…

Here’s an example: One of my clients used to go around telling people about EFT.  Then, after working together, she realized that her favorite clients were women who didn’t love themselves and trashed their bodies and ate too much as a result. SSS Partner

Now, she tells people about women she’s worked with that have shifted their relationship with their body, so much so that they consider their body a sacred temple and feed it accordingly…

She tells people about her clients who have dropped 25 lbs and her clients who finally met someone who cherishes them… because they fell in love with themselves from having daily self-empowerment tools that could shift their energy to self-love, on a moment’s notice, whenever they got stuck in self-criticism and shadow.

Do you hear the difference?

So… how can you share what you do with people you meet in a way that speaks to the transformation you bring, and the real life problems you help people to overcome, rather than the modality you use?

Then, you grow your tribe and your mailing list one relationship at a time, until you decide to put together a speaking launch or an online multi-speaker series or one of the other strategies I taught in my free Conscious List Building Webinar, which is available on REPLAY until tomorrow night, Sunday, September 22 at midnight.

Here’s the link for to catch that replay full of list building strategies for the authentic, heart-based entrepreneur.

For now, post your ideas about how to share what you do below without over-emphasizing your modality… so we can learn from each other and fill ourselves up with our gift so much so that it brims over the surface and spills out to reach those who are waiting for us.

See you on the webinar or at one of our upcoming events soon! (I hope!)

Loving you as part of the family,
Sage & Team



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