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Quality unique content for cheap?

Mark Ling 12-17

Hi everyone,

Creating a high quality niche website, one that is very useful for the visitors, usually requires articles and/or video that contains great quality relevant information.

Most of us remember the 'bad days' when you'd go to Google and search for something only to find a bunch of websites peddling rubbish PLR articles that didn't even look like they were written by an english speaker.

Those days are mostly behind us, though there is still a lot of uniquely written 'garbage' circling the internet. The kind of content that people look at for 5 to 15 seconds, then leave and go to another site to find what they are REALLY looking for.
If people are leaving your websites that quickly you'll find it difficult to maintain high search engine rankings, as your content will be deemed as either low quality or not relevant. Not to mention, you won't be getting the repeat traffic to your websites that you need to make a really great income online.

The big problems

1. The first big problem with creating unique content is that it can be expensive. Either expensive hiring the top quality writers, or expensive in terms of your time and efforts at researching and writing this content.

2. The other big problem is the lack of quality writers out there. There are LOTS of writers who write with great grammar, however there are few who are good at doing the research required to write a GREAT article (or who already possess the subject matter expertise you require for your niche).

Overcoming those problems

I've found a really good way to overcome these problems and get quality content created for relatively low prices.

It involves using, in a specific way...

About iwriter

Firstly I'll give you a bit of background about iwriter.

Iwriter is a place you can go to online to get articles written for you for really good prices.

Their basic writers are as low as $1.50 for a 300 word article.

Their Elite writers cost $12.50 for a 500 word article (this is very reasonable for a good writer).

Problem with iWriter

The problem that some people find with iwriter is that they either go for the basic writers, who end up doing a low quality job. Yes you do get what you pay for.

Or, they don't give any instructions to the elite writer and just expect a great article by giving them the title of the article.

The solution

The title isn't enough. When you get a writer at iwriter to write an article for you, you need to give them more details.
Yes this might seem like a bit of work, and once you get good at it, it'll take you about 10 minutes per article, however, it's WELL worth it.

Iwriter Elite writer write with excellent grammar, and have some good ideas in their writing however, due to the relatively low rates that they charge themselves out at, they don't spend much or any time doing great research.

So you can easily get an article from them that is well written gramatically, but doesn't really say anything that is beneficial to the reader.

Instead, what I recommend that you do is you prepare for them an 'Article Snippet'

This is where you explain 3 key ideas that you'd like to be mentioned in your article, and you even link to 2 or 3 articles on the internet that explain each of these key ideas.

Tell them that you'd like to see more of their own ideas also from their own research (subtly dropping the idea that you are expecting them to do research).

Tell them that the article is going to be placed on a high quality blog.

Let them know the tone on the article (ie first person, with enthusiasm, vs textbook like tone).

And give the article title a number.

e.g. Instead of:

How to lose belly fat (this is an example from the weight loss niche)

Make the article title:

7 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

That way they will be forcing themselves to include at least 7 specific pieces of information, rather than spending too much time in their article waffling on to fill up the word count.

Let them know in your instructions that you want the article to contain a lot of useful information and not too much waffle.

And tell them NOT to worry about keyword optimizing your article (let them just concentrate on writing a great article). You can optimize it yourself later if you wish.

The other thing to do, is to show them samples of high quality articles (say 3 or 4) so that they can see the quality of writing that you are expecting of them.

Do all the things that I've mentioned in my article above and you'll get great articles written by iwriter writers.

Oh and make sure you select their elite writers for 500 or 700 words. I usually go for 700 or 1000 words, though that costs more it means I get better articles as great articles often take more space.

Look at this article, it's not just 500 words is it?

Anyway, the best thing you can do right now is give this a go, get 1 single article written, learn from it and go from there.

Btw I'm not an affiliate of iwriter, and you could use what I've mentioned in the above article with a different service. I just mentioned iwriter as that's the one I usually use for these kinds of content based articles.

Oh and another use of these articles is for scripts for your own YouTube videos.

I hope this goes well for you, let me know your comments and/or suggestions.

Talk soon,

Mark Ling



Lilian Foster Sat, 30 Dec

Very nice tips! I also use one more online dissertation service, by the way, they offer great discounts during holidays.

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