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Pull Ahead of the Pack

Michael Drew 12-17

Used to be a direct correlation between advertising budget and market share. The one with the biggest budget got the biggest share. But that’s not the way it works anymore. The tightening of budgets and the abundance of affordable online communication opportunities have resulted in a much more level playing field. Which means you can no longer separate yourself by promotion alone. You have to attract instead. You have to position yourself so your prospects will pull you closer when they have a need you can fulfill.

How can a pull marketing approach give you a competitive advantage? It’s predicated on actual interaction with people who have a genuine interest in what you do. It gives you an opportunity to connect with a specific audience rather than simply broadcasting to whoever will listen. And just like with your friends and family, connections breed loyalty. You won’t have to drop your prices or think up half-baked promotional events to win business, because you’ll already be the one they think of first and feel the best about within your particular field.

Will pull marketing work for what you do? Absolutely. Relationships are relationships no matter what business you’re in. The question is how to do it more effectively than your competitors. Some prevailing wisdom:

1.      Create timely and relevant content. You want a cutting edge message and dialog that speaks to the issues in the hearts of your prospects.

2.      Blog your butt off. Start them, join them, maintain them, comment on them. Become a known entity in the blogosphere.

3.      Be a leader. Communicate with passion, instill confidence and solve problems when they present themselves.

4.      Don’t be stingy. Give away something of value as you attempt to build a community.

5.      Listen and share. Get to know those you’re interacting with. Not only as prospects, but also as people. And when it’s time for you to talk, tell interesting stories and let them see you real.




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