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Paul Evans 12-17

Every Profitable Site Does This – Do You?

Every single site on the Internet that makes money does two things…

It diverts and converts.

First, it diverts traffic from one location to another. The first location could be almost anywhere, the second location is to the
site making the money.

Second, it converts that diverted traffic into profit. Maybe it’s by selling products, selling clicks, or creating leads.

Doesn’t matter.

The point is, step two isn’t that hard.

Step one can be a freaking killer.

Suppose you want to make money generating leads for credit card companies.

Discover, for example, pays 40 bucks for every new card member you send their way.

Sounds good, until you do a Google search for “credit card” and realize there are 56 MILLION sites in the results.


Kind of hard to compete, wouldn’t you say?

But Discover gives a 5% cashback bonus on gas purchases.

And when you do a search for “credit card gas rewards” you get 56 results.

Much better.

Now you can not only compete, you can make money.

No matter what kind of marketing you do, it stands to reason that if you target overlooked, under-the-radar keyword phrases, you’ll divert more traffic and convert more of that traffic into profits.



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