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A rough organic growth plan for niche websites

Mark Ling 12-17

Hi Everyone,

Recently I've been making notes about an organic growth plan for several of my niche product websites.

I wrote this to be discussed with my staff, so it's not super flash looking, but I thought I'd share it with you here, as going forwards, especially with panda, penguin and all the other Google updates, it's very clear that if you want to have an online web-based business that thrives long term, then you need to have a living breathing website that really engages your audience. Not just a site that sits there and you're done with it.

This won't be for everyone, but I'm sure it'll be very useful for a lot of you.

Anyway, here's my rough plan. Bear in mind I have written this plan for my own staff, so you'll see it is worded for my sites, but you'll get the idea.



Establishing a routine for future organic growth of our sites...

Space out our auto responder niche content emails a little further to make them every 4 days (after being closer together at the start of the autoresponder).

Add more audio and/or video to the first 60 days (at least 7 pieces of audio and/or video).

On top of that, here's a schedule for what we should be routinely doing in each niche that we are catering to...

Monday: Quality Blog Post | Post it to Facebook too [Email out the blog post]

Tuesday: Promo email

Wednesday: Post question to facebook (no live email today)


Week 1) Email out link to the facebook question, and also link to a recommended product.            
Week 2) Email out content-based promo email            
(Note: Alternate each week between week 1 and week 2)

Friday: Live email to 25% of our list, asking a survey question. The other 75% don't get a live email today. At least 1 in 4 of these survey emails need to ask people about the quality of our content etc, so that we can learn and improve the experience and results achieved by our readers.

Saturday: Promo Email (preferred = Video Salesletter, or a recording of an interview that gives away valuable content as well as promoting a product)

Sunday: Nothing planned.

Note: With our blog posts, we should be trying to use great up to date data, we should monitor google news, set up google alerts, and run lots of surveys and little experiments to learn lots of interesting things that will benefit our readers. In turn, these are the kinds of blog posts that will be more likely to get written about and linked to naturally. Anything super newsworthy, we should do a press release about it.

Facebook: 3-4 posts per week
* Any interesting youtube vid or online article
* Link to our blog post of the week
* Link to any semi-relevant blog posts from our other websites
* Ask an interesting question

Twitter: 2 tweets per day
* Any new blog posts that we have posted
* Any facebook questions or updates
* Any blog posts from our other sites
* Interesting articles from other sites
* Links to VSLs for products we are affiliating to that week
* Great youtube videos worth watching
- Use tweetdeck or something to schedule tweets for the weekend.
- Reply to people who tweet us

* We need to set up a solid profile
* Use authorship tools for our blog posts
* Make sure profile is open to search
* Eventually we need to engage google like we do with facebook and link to our blog posts, +1 any interesting articles/videos, respond to anyone who messages us, etc. For early August though, lets concentrate on getting it set up and underway.

Remember, we don't have to email out everything we do. Sometimes we'll just post something to Facebook or Twitter or Google+ etc.

YouTube (will leave out until September):
* Make sure each of our niches has a YouTube account (some do, some don't yet)
* Need to figure out a plan for the type of content and how it will be filmed/edited for each niche, and who will be in it and who is responsible for overseeing it from start to finish.
* Getting views underway is rather easy by mailing out to our videos as we release them, embedding them and/or linking to them from our blog posts, linking to them from our facebook, twitter and google+ accounts.
* Put our best videos into our autoresponder

Guest Blogging

For every new blog post on our own blog, make sure we do at least one guest blog on another relevant blog, to build a relevant link to our new blog post.

If it's on a good blog, consider emailing out our guest blog post to 20% of our list.

Also... Back to our own blog for a moment...

Underneath each of our blog posts, we should encourage bloggers to share our content with their readers. e.g.

[Attention Bloggers: Want us to guest blog on your blog? Go here for more info]

On the Guest Blogging page (which we should also link to from the main menu of our website), we should provide:

* Information about our offer to guest blog on relevant quality blogs
* Links to some article snippets if they wish to have content to do the blog post themselves
* Link to our affiliate program for those who prefer to be an affiliate than to blog and link to any of our blog posts (or if they wish to do a combination of the 2).

Also note: We will look at our free and private members forum growth plans later in the year. That is also viewed as an essential part of our ongoing growth as a quality source of information and community to be part of in each niche.

Well that's it for this blog post, hope the above helps you.

Keep working hard to create something really cool online, that lives and breathes, don't be a junk pusher. For my full course in Affiliate Marketing that teaches you how to build authority sites, check out AffiloBlueprint.

I look forward to your comments, all the best!

Mark Ling

P.S. If you haven't done so already, look me up in Google Plus (or click this link here) and add me to your circles. I've been a bit tardy in fully getting underway with embracing Google Plus, but I plan on using it to share interesting posts that I find, and anything that I blog or record videos on.

Note: Clicking that link won't add me to your circles, you'll need to add me once you are inside my profile after clicking that link.



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