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10 Headlines to Boost Your Opt In Rates

Mark Ling 12-17

10 Headlines to Boost Your Opt In RatesHi Everyone,

If you have an opt in box on your website giving away a free report, or 6 part video series, or free software... whatever it might be, you need to capture the viewer's attention.

This usually starts with the headline of your optin box.

Many people believe because something is free, they don't have to pay much attention to 'selling' people to opt in.

However, that line of thinking often leads to far lower optin rates than can otherwise be achieved.

For website visitors, a headline is like a sign that you see while driving. Some just get ignored, while others may capture your attention. You need to capture the visitor's attention first before they will be likely to read any further details and then enter their name and email address.

It's really important that you do 2 things in your headline. Grab the reader's attention, and then motivate them to keep reading.

According to John Caples (Author of the marketing classic 'Tested Advertising Methods', 1932),  "There are four important qualities that a good headline may possess. They are: 1. Self-interest. 2. News. 3. Curiosity. 4. Quick, easy way."

Using those 4 factors in mind (plus Affilorama Premium's bullet point generator) I've written 10 headlines below that you can reword as you wish to help form your own headlines for your optin boxes. Or you can use them as inspiration when writing your own from scratch.

  • A simple 4 step strategy to reduce your blood pressure
  • Free Report Reveals: What you must ALWAYS do to ensure men call you back after the first date (Don't do this and you'll always be left wondering 'why didn't he call?')
  • Can you be sure that your partner loves you as much as you love them? Take our 3 minute love-meter test right now to discover the truth!
  • NEWSFLASH: Free report uncovers a cunning trick to stopping dog obedience problems for good!
  • Free Report Reveals: 9 strange but true secrets to increasing your vocal range
  • A brand new way to learn to play your favorite songs on the guitar
  • 12 Sneaky but legal ways that you can save money on taxes
  • 5 minute video reveals exactly what to do when you want to win back the love of your ex
  • Free 6 part mini course reveals: The astonishing secrets of how to plan a blockbuster wedding on a shoestring budget (apply these methods and your friends will swear you hired a professional wedding planner!)
  • If you are struggling to reduce stubborn belly fat then watch this 5 minute video on "how to lose weight - even if you have a slow metabolism", right now!

I hope these headlines get your creative juices going.

Leave a comment below, I appreciate your feedback!

All the best,

Mark Ling



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