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Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Money

Dani Johnson 12-17

Squeeze The Most Out Of Your MoneyThis morning I want to talk about something you’ve probably heard discussed, but maybe you aren’t really sure how or if it even affects you directly. Inflation is a hot topic on the news and in the media, but today let’s make it personal – what it means for you, and how to prepare for it. Think back to when a candy bar was a quarter. That same candy bar today is a dollar! And you aren’t getting anything extra for that way-higher price. It’s the same candy bar. So what happened?

Money is just paper that represents gold or some other valuable commodity. Back in 1919, a U.S. dollar bill was backed by gold. Now, that same dollar bill is worth just two pennies, all because our government continues to print more money without the gold standard to support it. It’s Monopoly money, there is nothing of value behind it anymore! The bad news is, due to our government’s poor choices and the fact they will continue to print money, it will drive inflation up even more!

Inflation is one of those things that happen in the background of our daily lives. You just start to notice the grocery bill is a little bit higher, your utility bill begins to creep up or maybe your rent increased. The big question is, has your income increased at the same rate as inflation? The answer is no! If you’re already living paycheck-to-paycheck and your income is not increasing, a day will come where you can no longer afford your lifestyle. All because that inflation is sneaking up on you!

What if someone warned you about a really crazy crisis that will occur in your life in the next five years? What would you do? Well you’d probably prepare for it, right? If you knew a giant natural disaster was coming, you’d board up the windows, store food, make provisions for the safety of your loved ones. Consider today’s message that warning!

You know inflation exists, you know things are going to keep getting worse and your current income is not increasing at the same rate. It is your responsibility now to start preparing for that! And it isn’t just about saving your money or investing in gold or silver. But you can prepare by changing your mindset about money today.

When you’re at the grocery store, you don’t really think about how much a loaf of bread costs. You just throw down the extra money for some Ezekiel bread or whatever else, without even thinking about it. Start paying attention to where your money is going!

It’s time to start squeezing more out of your money! Look in your shower, how many lotions and shampoos do you have? Look in the cupboards, how much food is in there, yet you sigh and say, “There’s nothing to eat.” Using up everything, even down to the last bit of toothpaste, is important because the next tube of toothpaste you buy will be just a little bit more expensive than the last.

I want to hear your thoughts on today’s message… are you concerned about inflation? Did you ever think about it much, before I brought it up? Leave me your comments and don’t forget to Like and Share this timely and important reminder with your friends and family.

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