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Top 4 questions for determining your dream job

Stephen R. Covey 12-17

Top 4 questions for determining your dream jobDiscovering your dream job involves asking yourself these basic questions over time :
(1) What do you really love to do?
(2) What do you do well?
(3) What should you do so that you tap into your true voice?
(4) What does the world need?

It is so important that people take time to reflect on their potential. Most people do not do this. They get swallowed up in other people’s definitions of them and others’ agendas. And those agendas, those external agendas, tend to drive their behavior. This is what I call the “true identity theft.” It is like a cultural DNA, or blanket that lies on top of your true DNA—your true capacities and nature—and robs you of your identity.

You get so immersed in it, so absorbed by it, so habituated to it, so socially reinforced by it that you lose the sense of who you are and what you could do in life. This identity theft is very real and is going on all of the time simply because people are not reflective enough to distinguish the difference between their true DNA and the social DNA. As one person put it,

“When man found the mirror, he began to lose his soul.”

The point is, he became more concerned with his image than with his “self.” To be successful, focus on that which taps into your talent and fuels your passion—that rises out of a great need in the world that you feel drawn by conscience to meet. That is how you will discover your dream job. This might not give you society’s definition of success (money, status, material things) but you will feel a deeper success that completes who you are.

“Where talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation.”



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