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What To Do In The First 3 Minutes Of A Sales Appointment

Annette Lackovic 12-17

Let's talk about a common sales situation.

You managed to book a sales appointment, though you never know exactly what to do at the start?

How many sales have you lost from just not starting off on the right foot? Ever noticed that the remainder of those types of appointments you have internal dialogue about how you're not going to get the sale? Or your hopelessly trying so hard to make up for a sloppy start that you end up walking away exhausted ...and normally with an objection.

What To Do In The First 3 Minutes Of A Sales Appointment

Allow me to introduce to you my 'Magic 3 in 3' 

1) Pick their behaviour style as quick as possible:

We all have different ways we like to receive and give information. Many sales are lost due to the lack of ability to connect with your customers communication style and the words they like to hear.

Breaking it down into the four styles of the D.I.S.C Behaviour Model, allows you to know the best angel and focus of your presentation:

'D' customer: Dominant and Direct - They want to talk about about strong results, the speed of the results, so you need to deliver your presentation with strength and be prompt, as time is of the essence for the 'D' customer.

'I' Customer: Big smile and very chatty - Need to talk with enthusiasm, let them contribute to the conversation, have a laugh and don't be to serious, as they have to like you to buy from you.

'S' Customer: Calm, friendly, yet quite submissive - This character is slightly reserved at the start which means you need to ask lot's of open ended questions to draw out their true needs. PLUS it is very important to share a little bit about yourself so they feel comfortable with you. They are not risk takers, so talking about money back guarantees and showing them testimonials throughout your presentation gives them certainty. 

'C' Customer: Conservative and cautious - Stay professional and calm with this customer, as they love statistics, numbers, graphs and any written proof of results. They believe, "if it's written it's real," so don't just do all they talking, make sure you show them the research and supporting documentation.

2) Rapport/Commonality

The fastest way to have your customer feel comfortable and more importantly reduce their buyers resistance, is to create a feeling of positive likeness between you and the customer. Have you noticed that  you talk abut a subject easily and freely when you have something in common with a stranger. It fast tracks rapport and TRUST, therefore increasing the potential of a sale.

3)Take Control

The person who asks the questions is in control of the conversation. In sales you need to be great at asking questions, as your highest priority is to find out your customers strongest needs, frustrations, fears and concerns about their current situation. So the earlier you start asking questions, the easier it becomes to make a seamless transition into diagnosing your customers needs.

Enjoy Implementing!




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