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What’s Better....One big client or many little clients?

Annette Lackovic 12-17
What’s Better....One big client or many little clients?Back in my personal training days I recall the introduction of 30mins personal training sessions instead of 60mins, this would make it more affordable for people who felt 1 hr was out of their budget or always pressed for time.
I recall being skeptical of how it was going to pan out for me business wise, and then I realized that I was able to have more clients on my books and being that Personal Training is mostly seen as a short term fix, if I was to lose a 1hr client who trained with me 3 x a week leave my services, that would put a massive dent into my earning. Also found myself having to start the search all over again for a client to fill that massive gap.
Now I’m in business to business coaching and consulting I realise the same rules apply.
Having one big ticket client is great, but what happens when they decide to tighten the belt in their budget and cut external support such as consultants, marketing, development courses etc?
So the basic principle always apply, ABP.... Always Be Prospecting.
20% of your day should be focusing on generating new business. Making phone calls, following potential clients up, using LinkedIN, booking meetings or having a face to face sit down.
The biggest mistake I see many people make is that they only prospect when they need to, which creates weeks of inconsistent income results. One week is busy as you have all your appointments booked in and because of that you become complacent and stop prospecting.
However the next week, month or quarter you’re ‘stuck’ as you have nobody booked in to see. Back in the slump you go and have to start all over again. Now this time you’re back on the phones, but you have are panicked and feeling of desperation starts to show up and for some reason you just aren’t getting many bites. 
Unfortunately that’s when I see most people go into a downhill spiral- because they had some unsuccessful calls they start to build up a fear of the phone and do anything in their power to avoid prospecting calls and start focusing on low return tasks that feel good to the ego but does nothing finically for them.
What’s the Key- Set aside your non negotiable prospecting times - where 20% of your day is focused on generating appointments. Stick with that rule and you will significantly reduce your inconstant weeks. 
So now it’s up to Discipline- The way you become discipline is by being 'Discipline'. Just like a muscle the only way to build it is to lift something heavier than what you’re lifting now. 



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