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Tips and Scripts on Web Videos That SELL:

Annette Lackovic 12-17

I don't have to tell you how BIG video is right now -- but in case you don't realise it's the #1 activity people are doing online these days.

Want to know why?

Web video is a great way to build a relationship with your potential customer, it lowers the buyers resistance and also helps educate them on you or your business in helping make that final decision - "will I or won't I buy (or enquire)"?

Video's stimulates 3 of the 5 senses of your audience. Did you know we all take in information differently? Some of us learn better by seeing, others by listening...while some by feeling (feeling through the experience from words and tones).

So if you haven't already created a video for your business, you're missing out on a very compelling communication channel.

I can just hear some of the reasons and excuses that have stopped you in the past:

1. I don't like being in front of a camera.

2. I don't have the technical competency to shoot, edit and post video footage.

3. I can't afford to buy the equipment and software you think you need. 

RELAX... the great news is, making a Web video does not require expensive gear, be a show stoping movie star...nor be a tech-head. 

Here are some hot tips & simple effective scripts to Help increase your sales, enquires and build your list.

1. Video’s build relationships- If you are face to face with your customers, I strongly suggest you have a video of you (and your staff if you have a team). Be you but a little more animated then usual...BUT not over the top -no need to be a rockstar or fake. If you have a product,  a warehouse, equipment or even a facility where they come and visit, do a demonstration or take them on a tour.

2. Use a script that taps into your customers needs, something so simple like:

 "Hi, I’m (your name) and welcome to (your business name).

At (your business name), we love to help you (what is the results you give to your customers) and we do this by (how do you help them specially).

Did you know (give them some juicy information to chew about your expertise that will make them say “wow I didn’t know that”).

Allow me to invite you to get your free (newsletter, ebook- what can you give away to have them be apart of your list to continue the relationship process).

Register now (in the box below, the link below where ever your enquiry area is)"

3. If you don't like getting infront of the camera hire a company to do it for you. for example there is a company called Punchy Sales Videos  and they are designed to do exactly that SELL! They use animation so no need to jump in front of the camera. They are superstars at their scripting too so no need to think up some razzamataz script. If you don’t want to get infront of the camera here’s their link:

3. What equipement to use? If you have no budget but have a smartphone then it has video! These days the smart phones out there have great visual clarity...though you’re best investing in a microphone for $20 at Jaycar. Great clairty in audio recording will make it sound much ore professional.

  • I use a Cannon 550D cost approx $600, it allows you to do a lot more tricks eg: no studio lights required as you can change the intensity to brighten up a dark room or darken the outdoors if too bright. It takes professional looking photo's too!

4. Microphone adds professionalism. I mentioned above if you are using a smart phone to use a mic...though my tip is use it on ANY CAMERA. I drove around everyhwere looking for a lapel mic (don't try Dick Smith they only have one in stock now and it sucks (to put it nicely); easiest place to get it from is Jaycar for $20)

5. Do's- Don’ts: Don't have a messy background that will disctract people for your core message, don’t wear strips- do wear block strong vibrant colours. Do film with clean background or even against a blank wall. Do wear make-up, yes boys even you...or put a little bit of powder on your face to stop the shine. Ladies where more then usual on camera- trust me it looks better!


6. Always have a CTA (call to action) What do you want your customer to do next when they watch the video-TELLTHEM the next step or have it written in text using your computer software program. imove is what I use, it's free with most Mac computers, but you can easily download one on the internet from around $19- and YES they are super easy to use, self explanatory videos to help you become a pro!


7. Length of Video: Newest stats show that most videos are stopped just under the 2 min mark. If you already have the relationship you will find they will watch videos for longer but if it's more of an advert then film it to max 1:58sec.


Best tip I can give you is PERSISTENCE- if you don't like your first take -film again!  I book specific time in to do my videos so I can do retakes if I'm not happy with my message, fumble over my words, look too fat...yes I'm a chick so I do worry about all that crap too. Persistance will equal perfection you will get the right take...otherwise you can always edit it with your new software program and stick the good takes together.


Happy Filming,





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