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The No#1 Trait of Great Sales People

Annette Lackovic 12-17

Did you know that the one trait all great business and sales people have is a HIGH SELF ESTEEM?

Lets face it, in business and especially when selling to others you need to have thick skin. If not you either learn to grow it pretty quickly or you start to crumble away along with all your hopes and dreams as you let rejection, fear or judgment eat at you.

For many, when negotiating, making deals or selling it’s the one trait that can let us down or serge forward with massive momentum. Which end of the spectrum are you?

Quick question: How do you talk to yourself before you go into a deal?... Or before you go into a networking event, or when you are about to follow up that potential client?....make that cold call?...OR talk about your business?

Is it positive or negative?

Did you know you can only have one thought at a time so what are you choosing to think about each second that ticks by?

Learn to get yourself into a positive state prior negotiation; did you know that you have so many ways you can do it?

HOW???...try these on for size:

Practice your questions, remind yourself of why your good at what you do, Pump yourself up with a song that empowers you, think about clients/customers who have achieved great result due to working with you, say your affirmations, sit close your eyes and visualise yourself CLOSING the sale. There are so many things you can do it's your choice what you want to THINK.

Once you learn to control your mind...everything else starts to fall nicely into place. 


Love & Success






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