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The Art of Having Creating A Good Business Card

Lisa Nichols 12-17

One of your most important offline marketing tools is your business card, which is also known as a calling card. Your business card presents a great way for you to leave some information with someone about your business.

There are a few tricks to keep in mind if you want your business card to stand out and lead to some great things in the future.

  1. Make the card a little different from everyone elses. You can do this by simply printing your business card on thicker stock. People will notice the difference in texture.
  2. Use something other than the usual rectangular shaped card. If you decided to go with a square or even a roundcard, just make sure it will still fit into a card file, otherwise it may be discarded if the recipient thinks it will be too hard to keep up with.
  3. Forget all the pretty slogans and wild colors for the text. Color is great and will help the card to stand out. But you do not want potential clients and partners to have any difficulty reading the information on the card. Make sure that whatever color scheme you choose, the lettering is always easy to read. Do not be afraid to add a dash of color, just make sure it does not detract from the ability to read the contact information.

The information on the card is extremely important. Always be sure to include your name and at least three ways to contact you, such as your fax, phone, and email address. While some consider a fax number optional, the fact is quite a few people still use this medium.

Even if you do not use a fax machine often, do not leave if off. The idea is to provide quick and easy means for people to reach you, not to cater to your personal preferences.

A good slogan is great, as long as it enhances the card rather than making it look too crowded or busy. Outside of these few basics, have fun with the business card.



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