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Scared of Selling?

Annette Lackovic 12-17

Scared of selling?

Many people I come across have a fear of selling, the most common feedback I hear is they feel they might come across pushy and don't want to break rapport with the customer.

Others create a fear when they continually have their egos bruised as they don't make a sale and get so sick hearing a No Thank you form their customers and start to view it as 'rejection'. 

What if I was to tell you that if you sat in the space of knowing how your product is a solution to your customers needs and wants, you will never feel pushy again and the level of rejection is reduced immediately as you turn the selling experience into a buying experience?

So my question is to you how many solution based questions do you ask in your presentation that truly find out how your product or service is a match for their compelling needs? 


Now let's be honest here, some products can be a cinch to know how they are a solutions e.g. consulting, coaching, hair removal, implants, face lifts, new car or a dentist.  But let's look at a non obvious product and see how we can workshop that to really understand something that you may think has no solution to a customers needs what so ever and unveil it's true emotional ability just through these specific questions.


Non Obvious Sales Product 'A Candle'

The candle designers might ask "How can candles fix a compelling need or be a solution to my customer need- surely a candle isn't going to save the day right?"- WRONG!


By asking probing questions to find out why they like candles what is their main priority with the candles they buy, what does it mean to them to have them decorated in their home or office will start to show the opportunities on how the candles that are being sold are a solution.


Let’s just role-play the dialogue out:


Candle Sales Person "Jenny there is much I can show you with our candle range, but to save you time let me ask you a couple of quick questions so I can show you the most appropriate range for you." she continues on with her first question "Firstly what do you like most about the candles you have now or had in the past?"


Jenny replies "The scent, they smell so lovely when my clients walk into my office there's always a beautiful scent in the foyer and waiting area. I get so many comments on how nice they smell"


Candle Sales Person acknowledges Jenny answer and moves on to next question "Great, so nice scent is important to you. Now besides the scent what's your main priority with purchasing candles for example is it a natural no toxins range,  or perhaps just having them visually look good, or even say long lasting burn time?"


Jenny "We'll as I'm a naturpath it's highly important to have a natural non toxic range as I like to walk the talk with my beliefs and want to ensure my customers aren't sitting in a toxic environment."



Just imagine from just those two simple questions the Candle Sales Person now has a compass in showing Jenny the exact type of range that is a direct match to Jenny's needs. Everything she talks about is beautifully scented all natural candles that won't effect her clients and stands by her beliefs of natural living. Solution is given on a platter! Which in turn reduces objections and the Candle Sales Person obliterates her far of rejections she is closing more sales.


Solution based selling can only be achieved by you focusing on the customers true needs and wants through quality questioning skills. By having that as your focus then that truly turns the conversation into a buying experience then a heard core selling situation and reduces the fear of selling by a mile.



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