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Paul Evans 12-17

Today we finished a week of fun work.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent with the Big Game Plan Players .

There are few things that get me more pumped than to see people set a target, plan it, do it and make it.

This is a group action takers. I could not be more proud of them and the awesome work they are doing!

Special thanks to J, who flew in from Bucharest. We’re having a meeting in Ireland in April and she could have waited, but did not want to miss the focus sessions and meeting personally with other players.

Side note: You have GOT to get in or form a group of 15+ like minded people. You cannot believe how this will make your business accelerate.

Our Mastermind ReDefined group has been meeting since Thursday afternoon. We’re having an AWESOME time of brainstorming among peers.

Alrighty then…

You know, refunds and returns are part of business. Here’s a philosophy you might want to adopt.

This is what some might call common sense. Others might just call weird.

Here it is…

If I buy something and it flat out does not work, I might as for a refund.

However, if I learn or discover anything. I NEVER ask for a refund. Because that stuff’s in my brain. It’s not right for the product creator for me to take their information and use it and not pay them for it.

And “using it” means…

Regardless of the intention of the product if an idea hits on page 54, or video 3 or four minutes into the MP3. That’s an idea that would not have existed or triggered without that purchase.

So is it fair to ask for a refund when it spurs thought or direction? When new knowledge is gained or old knowledge is resuscitated?


With product consumption, you and I are changed forever. It may be two years from now that you think, “Oh…I remember reading that in ‘Name of Book’ I need to put that in action.”

That would be wrong to move forward with if you had gotten a refund, right?

OK, let’s get more personal for example…

You’re selling an MP3 program.

Bill buys.



Decides it’s “Not for him.”

Gets a refund.

A year later.

He’s still wading around in the same market.

He remembers something you said.

It sets him on fire.

He finally moves forward because of YOU!

But he got a refund?

That’s just silly.

Practice intellectual integrity and you will attract people like you to your online business.

Success is NOT an Accident,



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