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How to attract your perfect customer

Annette Lackovic 12-17

Are you in a competitive market place? What do you do to stand out from the rest? If someone asks you "what do you do?", do you ever feel like you are ripping yourself off by saying what you do? I know many walk away saying to themselves afterwards "Damn, I didn't explain what I do well enough" or "I just sound like every other person in my line of work...but I am so much better. If only they could of seen that".

I know for myself I could say I do sales training, but how boring does that sound? When I have ever said just that, I notice the blank look on peoples faces. Besides I do so much more then sales training so why would I encapsulate all the things I do under the one banner? That's totally ripping my expertise off!

For example if you're a graphic designer, a real estate agent, a coach or trainer, in I.T or marketing how do you stand out from the rest as it's such a competitive market? By just saying "I'm a graphic designer" really doesn't help you stand out as you're one in a million nor attract the perfect prospect.

If you can answer these three questions it will not only help people perceive you the right way but also attract new customers almost instantly. It's called a positioning statement. Let's create yours!


Here is your  MAGIC 3 Step Process. (Answer these questions)


  1. Who is it you help? Put them under the's your perfect prospect you are  describing.  eg: I'd say "I help frustrated entrepreneurs who have a business that knows should be making money but it's not." 
  2. What is the result you give? Focus on the outcome of your work, it could be base based on measurable results or even through a feeling.  eg: I'd say "into a thriving business"
  3. What makes you different? Now there still could be a lingering question in the listeners mind if you just stopped there. To create the unfair advantage and position your business, you need to finish off with what separates you from the pack. It could be fast services, cheeper, best quality, a guarantee or a big promise.  eg: I could say "they get buying customers easily and fast."

Next step is put it all together. Ensure it's not too long as it will sound a little OTT.

eg: "I  help frustrated entrepreneurs who have a business that knows should be making money but it's not, Into  a thriving business that gets buying customers easily and fast"
So, next time you're at a networking event and get asked  "what do you do?" you have a positioning  statement that gives you that competitive edge and helps you stand out from the crowd.



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