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Follow Up Call -'Fear Obliterater'

Annette Lackovic 12-17

Have you ever heard the saying 'The fortune$$$ is in the follow up'?

Well if not I'm here to share with you...its TRUE!!!

Are scared of doing follow up calls? OR Perhaps you are not sure what to say? Do you shy away from following up as you feel like a stalker if you did call? Then allow me to share with you my secret weapon.

There was significant moment that happened to me back when I was 21. I was working in the fitness industry and I recall having the same feelings. As strong as the word HATE is and I rarely use it, but I HATED follow ups was the feeling when having to do my follow up calls to potential members that I hated most. 

My thoughts were because they had politely given me an objection and then walked away with the prices I'd optimistically thought they'd be back within the next few days to get started. 

BUT some didn't, I recall being in my little shoe box of an office in that health club staring at the list of people I had to call and thought to myself "there has to be an easier way!" I started thinking of what I could to make the calls easier and more EFFECTIVE! I created 3 strategies that totally obliterated my fear for good...why? Because it worked!

So this blog I'm going to share with you my 3 EASY tips that will obliterate your fear of the 'follow up call' for ever!


 Fear Obliterator for The Follow Up Call


1) Set up the follow up call after your presentation.

 To reduce the fear of them not knowing you'll be calling AND what I realised later it avoids phone-tag! Set up the call in the actual sales presentation.

Example of how you do it: "Now that I have all the information on how I can help you, I'll need to go back to my office and get a plan together (a proposal of some sort).Let's organise a time now to get on the phone to discuss the plan and answer any question you might have". 
Take your diary out and schedule the phone call. This reduces your fear of calling INSTANTLY as the customer is now expecting your call.

2) Stop Focusing on the objection:

If you are doing a follow up call it's because you had some sort of an objection, for instance: "I need to have a think about it", "I need to go through my budget", "I haven't got my diary on me", "I need to speak tony partner/accountant"

HOT TIP:  NEVER ring up with just mentioning the objection. 

The biggest mistake I hear people call and say "Hi Name, we met the other day as you were interesting in XYZ, you said you needed to think about it, have you had time to have a think about it yet?" 

 I noticed  ringing up with the objection ALWAYS gives the objection back over the phone. Instead call up with knowing their goals or outcomes they were requiring form your product. Acknowledge the objection but ensure you have the call on focusing on their goals instead. For example "Hi Name, it was great to meet you the other day and talk about how I can help you with/get XYZ, I recall you said you needed to think about it, I also recall you mentioned that your ultimate outcome from the product/service was XYZ, are those goals still important to you?............. Great, we'll let's go ahead and get you started." Complete all necessary actionable steps eg paperwork, appointments etc.

3) Control your mind: 

If you have done the above and still have nerves when following up, use this tip! It's important that you realise that you can only think of one thought at a time. It's your choice if it's going to be positive or negative.

When you are feeling nervous it's because you are focused on a negative outcome. Instead control your thoughts by telling yourself about the amazing results other clients have had from your products/services before you pick up the phone to call. By focusing on the good, your communication flows easier, your posture changes and allows you to step into you strength.


Happy Implementation!




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