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Dumping The 'Head Trash'.

Annette Lackovic 12-17

Many women who fear selling or fear rejection have already created the worst scenario in their head, before they have even picked up the phone or walked into a meeting to a potential client/customer. 

How on earth are you meant to connect with a potential customer when all you can hear are the little voices running through your head saying “They won't like me”, “I bet they wish they were dealing with a man”, “I don't want to come across pushy”, “I’m not really a sales person, who am I kidding”,“God I hate selling”.

No# 1 rule when connecting with the customer is “focus on them NOT YOU”!

Here’s a few tips to get your head out of being ‘Negative Nelly’ and focused on helping your client.


Tip 1) Go in with the mindset of really wanting to help them. Put your doctors hat on not your sales hat.

We have this great instinctive radar built into us that I like to call the ‘Bullsh*t radar’. If you are totally focused on the voice in your head, worried about how you sound and coming across, then there’s a high chance you will reek of “get the hell away from me, I'm not confident” and they will be out of that meeting quicker than a stripper can take off a pair of knickers!


Tip 2) Your product/service must help clients in some way, right? So that is your ultimate goal, finding out how to help them. Now, to do that you need to focus on them and ask great questions to give you those answers. 

What questions are you asking in your presentation? Or are you going straight into telling them 'how great' your product/service is and why it would help them? Most people do the later without knowing the customers individual or businesses story, not finding out their true needs and why they were actually interested in seeing you in the first place, which in turn allows you to delivery a deeper more tailored presentation.

Tip 3) When you have the mindset of really wanting to help your potential customer and not just sell to them, your body language is completely different. 

Your chin would come forward when you talk, you’d have good consistent eye contact, you’d have a warm smile and ask real questions about how long they have been in business (or been into the hobby/ using that product/ type of service or what ever it is that you are seeing them about). Also asking questions which allow them to open up eg: asking what their likes and dislikes were about their experience with that service/product before etc.

Tip 4) Every customer loves to be ask diagnostic questions and listen; use your ears and mouth in the order we have been given them a ‘2:1 ratio’. Now, when doing this ensure you don’t go into fix it mode straight away eg: “oh we dont do that here”, or “oh that’s terrible, well we have the best product out there and ours doesn’t do that”. NO, bank their feedback, this is not the time to sell it's to gather information and build rapport. Write it down “do you mind if I take some notes?” and come back to it when talking about your product or service “Linda I recall you said that you didn’t like XYZ, well allow me to show you how ours is different”

Showing a customer that you a really listening to them and showing how you can help them makes connection, meaning the meeting was REAL and memorable for the customer especially if they are shopping around. If you don’t close them on the day there’d be a super high chance they’d come back because of that.


Taking the fear out of selling,





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