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Does Attitude Matter? Customers and Employees Think So. What About You?

Lisa Ford 12-17

We’ve all heard the platitudes about having a positive attitude. Does it really make a difference in the workplace?  It is an interesting question since none of us are perfect and attitude  may not be our strong suit. A 2010 study by Stanford Research Institute  and Carnegie Mellon Foundation with Fortune 500 CEO’s found that  75% of long term job success depends on people skills, while only  25% depended on technical knowledge. The soft skills seem to matter the most. Executives want team players and people who can work well  with each other.

The soft skills needed are:

- Communication skills
- Positive and productive interactions with others
- Showing manners and kindness
- Being on time
- Willing to be accountable
- Having a positive and professional attitude.

I have always questioned why they are called soft skills since for many they are the hardest skills to practice everyday. How about calling them “common sense skills for any person working”.

The secret to job security may be – show up, be a team player, do your job, act appropriately and have a positive attitude. The benefit will be satisfied customers, happier co-workers and possibly a richer bottom line.



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