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Do You Have A Great Customer Service System?

Hilary Hinton "Zig" Ziglar 12-17

From the Customer Service Module of Ziggets Great customer service, the kind that makes a customer say "Wow!", doesn't just happen on its own.

In most organizations it will take everyone working together to make it happen. This could mean that you will have to do certain things that are not part of your job description, but by accepting these responsibilities cheerfully you're actually showing respect for your co-workers. And in addition, you will contribute to the conditions that delight the customers of your business.

Most of us work for a company that does not have a customer service department -- that department is EVERYONE in the organization. When everyone has a clear understanding of how they play a part in serving the customer, then a system can be put in place so that the customer feels appreciated.

Studies show that more than two-thirds of customers defect from a company because they don't feel they're appreciated! It's important for a company to show EVERYONE how they contribute to a great customer service system.

For instance, the person in the warehouse who may never see, touch or talk to a customer -- how are they part of a great customer service system? Well, if the order isn't pulled correctly, that's lousy customer service right from the get-go. How about the person working the counter who doesn't have any authority to make decisions regarding the customer? That doesn't make for a smooth system in which it's easy and fun to do business with you. That's another example of lousy customer service.

If you want to be known for your terrific, knock-out, heart-rending service, then you must build a system! It's not complicated. But it does require a commitment by EVERYONE to make the number one goal of the company to serve the customer. Then, you've got to develop a way to make that happen.



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