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Customer Service and the Simple Stuff

Lisa Ford 12-17

Every organization has a chance to deliver a positive customer experience. That experience has many starting points and touchpoints along the customer interaction. Each touchpoint will affect the customer’s perception of your business and even their loyalty.

To remain competitive, take a look at the simplest of interactions and decide how those interactions represent your company. The simple stuff came to my attention with some recent experiences. As I was checking out at a national retail chain, the employee at the register answered the phone. Here is what she said, “It’s a great day at the Dunwoody Large Chain Store, this is Corrine, how can I help you?” Whew! Do you think the customer wanted to hear all of that? And do you think the employee wants to say it multiple times a day? The customer is poised and ready with their question but instead have to wait out this long greeting. The only needed information is the name of the store and the person speaking. My advice to companies is to even leave out,“How can I help you?” Instead finish with, “This is Corrine” with a bit of a lift in the tone. This indicates you are done and it is now the customer’s turn. Here’s one more way you could be irritating your customers. In many retail stores, employees are required to yell out, “Welcome to Local Store”. That works if the employee is close to the entrance and not engaged with another customer. This approach rarely works for the customer and can frustrate your team member.

Here’s another troubling trend with call center interactions. After giving information and then waiting to be transferred to the correct person, the representative attempts conversation with, “How’s your day going?’ and “How’s everything there?” In my first hand experience, I thought I was being transferred and ready to get on with the call. This approach is not needed or desired. Again the customer wants the promised action. Research by LivePerson reports that 82% of customers say getting their issue resolved quickly is the number one factor to a great customer experience.

Simple interactions could be killing your business. Take a look, call your company, enter your business – what is the customer experiencing? Make certain all touchpoints add value, represent your brand and give you a competitive advantage.



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