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Cure for Business Heaviness

Sage Lavine 12-17

We all have those moments… the times when we sit down to get started for our work day and we feel a sinking feeling of struggle or self-doubt.  I know I have.

Maintaining balance and joy in the face of work is important to me, and did you know I love storytelling?  It’s a passion of mine.  That’s why I’m telling a story in the Santa Cruz Storytelling festival next weekend. To join me read on…

Our negative reactions to getting our butts to work and self-motivating in our business run so deep… We associate work with struggle and fear total rejection if our efforts and ideas are not met with success, acceptance and celebration.

It takes a conscious and extremely self-aware business owner to re-infuse their work with passion on a regular basis, but this is exactly what I’m suggesting you do cure the business heaviness.  Use your discipline to stop going into the heaviness… and follow your energy back up into the light, the passion, the joy, and the fun of business.

Here’s the thing.  As spiritual beings, so often we want to self-analyze and engage in deep roto-router reflection of our resistance and inner pain … which simply does not need to be excavated every moment of every day.

Next time you find yourself stuck in a cycle of worry, doubt, self-criticism or resistance to work, remember that every time the self-doubt comes up, it’s an opportunity for you to have a breakthrough.

When you truly realize that you can build your business and create success, one step at a time, even in the face of extreme self-doubt, you can free yourself from the business heaviness.  And that, my friend, is freedom.

And it is in the building of the business, one day at a time, one financial win at a time, that you will succeed… Not in the over-analyzing of everything you think you need to do.

And in the self-permission to show up exactly how we are, with all of us, we can relax our bodies, our shoulders … the tension in our neck and face… and realize that working does not have to be struggle.

Right now take a deep breath and feel the back of your body… We spend so much time in forward orientation as entrepreneurs… Take this moment to relax into the back-of-your-heart wisdom.

Feel that everything is okay in this moment, and now imagine checking email from this place or writing a sales page or creating marketing materials from this place.

Furthermore, I recommend starting each day off with a scary bold action that sparks you toward the light… because you CAN relax in the face of fear!  Try it now.

Starting your day off with a bold action, rather than checking email or looking over your to-do list will put you in the mindset to “go for it” on a daily basis.  Choose an action that directly results in you creating more income and impact for yourself like calling a referral partner or booking a speaking engagement.

Take this energy throughout your day and remember that we here at Conscious Women Entrepreneurs believe in you, acknowledge your courage and are celebrating you from the sidelines…

Take a moment to post what scary bold action you will start your day off with today to put you in the mindset of successful business NOW.

Well done.



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